Sheepshagger objects to being called “Kiwi”

Caption: Harmless Aussie banter.

I?ve worked a number of blue-collar jobs in my life, and in every one of them it was nothing to have workmates who were nicknamed for their country of origin or ethnicity. On the railways, there were Canuck, Irish, and Number One Son. In the factory, there was Turkey, and Pommy, too.

Little did any of us know that we were indulging in vicious hate-speech. Probably because of ?privilege?, or something. Quote:

A New Zealand woman who launched proceedings against her Australian employer after she was called a ?Kiwi? has said the experience has ruined her life.

Julie Savage took her employer Vili Milisits, of Vili?s Cakes, to court after she was repetitively called Kiwi over her nine years in the job.

Her employer denied that there was any discrimination or disparagement, and the South Australian Employment Tribunal agreed ? it dismissed Ms Savage?s complaint?In its decision released on November 30 the Tribunal dismissed her complaint stating it ?lacks substance?. End of quote.

If even a quango in a lefty state like South Australia doesn?t take your complaint seriously, you might want to re-think. Quote:

Vili?s Cakes argued there was no basis for the allegation as citizens from New Zealand were referred to and referred to themselves as ?Kiwis?.

It also argued it was simply Mr Milisits using ?colloquial language? in the workplace.

The tribunal ruled in Vili?s Cakes favour and agreed that calling a New Zealander a Kiwi wasn?t of itself offensive or amount to discrimination.

Speaking exclusively to the Herald, Ms Savage said people had mistakenly thought the case was about one incident involving her being affectionately called a ?Kiwi?.

But it was far from it, she said?She said Mr Milisits never used the term Kiwi in an endearing way; instead using it to tell her to do various jobs?She always had, and always would be, ?a proud Kiwi?, she said. End of quote.

Ooh! Now she?s doing it, too!

Every time I introduce myself as a Tasmanian at Mainland social gatherings, I can count on one hand the seconds before someone makes the inevitable ?two-headed jokes?. Certain disrespectful Whaleoilers have also been known to cast the odd aspersion, Tasmania-way.

Count yourselves lucky I don?t sue.

Caption: Now, this is just hate-speech. I demand compensation.