Signing the UN Migration pact ‘presents a serious risk’ to NZ citizens


Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has warned other world leaders that if they sign the ?flawed? UN Migration Pact they will be putting their citizens at ?serious risk?.

At a joint press conference after a meeting with the Czech Prime Minister, Andrej Babis, Orban said that the document set down principles that would stimulate illegal migration rather than reduce it. quote.

[…] Every substantive legal case in the future will make use of the document as a point of reference, he warned.?He said mass migration was a serious issue and decision-makers should not ignore the opinion of the people.
Yet in Europe today, he added, people are not allowed to express their opinions, or leaders fail to take them into account.

?We in central Europe, however, want to remain democrats,??he said.??Migration is testing the democratic nature of political systems,??the prime minister added. end quote.

Now is the time for Simon Bridges to demonstrate some leadership and to stand up and attack Jacinda Ardern hard for her desire to sign this dangerous pact. One of our readers wrote to Simon last week and he replied that the National party will be opposing the pact.

They need to not only oppose it; they need to make a massive song and dance about it. They need to rip it apart. They need to expose it for what it is and how New Zealand will be handing over its sovereignty and the control of its borders to an unelected Islam-dominated world body that does not have our citizens’ best interests at heart.

This is one world government stuff. They want to fill us with Muslim immigrants and they want to create a world army. The globalist agenda is terrifying and New Zealand has to grow some balls and say no!