So much for transparency

Jacinda Ardern cracking Photoshopped image credit: Luke

David Farrar at?Kiwiblog?writes: quote.

ACT Leader David Seymour is calling on the Prime Minister to release details of her ministers? conflicts of interest.

?Jacinda Ardern has promised the most open and transparent government in New Zealand?s history.

?But more than 13 months into the Labour-NZ First administration we are none the wiser about whether its ministers are conflicted in relation to personal or pecuniary matters. end quote.

Which means they are conflicted, clearly…. unless, like GDP, she doesn’t know what ‘conflicted’ means. quote.

In 2012, the previous Government and the Chief Ombudsman agreed to an annual proactive release of information about the management of ministerial conflicts of interest in order to provide public assurance that they were being managed appropriately.

But despite ACT?s repeated requests for the information, the Government has refused to release it. end quote.

This was supposed to be the most ?open and transparent government? of all time, remember? That was Jacinda’s promise in her election campaign. Then she followed through by appointing a minister for open government, who just happened to be Clare Curran… who was so open and transparent, she forgot to write details of meetings and appointments in her diary, because she didn’t want anyone to know about them. Fantastically ?open and transparent?, Clare. quote.

So the Key Government in 2012 agreed to proactively release ministerial conflicts, and the Ardern Government has refused to do so. end quote.

Nothing like being the most open and transparent government of all time, eh Jacinda? Oops. Sorry. That was the John Key government after all.