Sroubek allegedly threatens ex wife to gain residency

What a lovely fellow Karel Sroubek is. He is a drug dealer and a wanted criminal in the Czech Republic. Now, the media has uncovered a recording on which he is allegedly heard threatening his ex-wife if she does not give him a letter of support for his residency. What a sweetheart.

Newshub reports: quote.

The National Party has released parts of a recording of convicted drug smuggler Karel Sroubek which it says proves he threatened his estranged wife and forced her to write a letter supporting his residency bid.

In the phone call between Sroubek and his wife, Sroubek appears audibly frustrated that she has submitted a character reference to his lawyer without showing him first.

“Seriously do you want me to do something stupid? Do you want me to send somebody to talk to you? Because you are doing crazy stuff,” Sroubek says on the recording.

Sroubek’s wife accuses him of threatening her, but Sroubek denies that. end quote.

Sounds like a threat to me. We all know he has friends in very low places. He is a drug dealer, remember? quote.

“You were completely fine, you were absolutely fine two days ago. All of a sudden you start again, like having this. I don’t know, you know, is it him? Is it because of him? What the f**k is he?” end quote.

Such a lovely boy, Jan Antolik Karel Sroubek. Even his mother says so. I wonder if she was threatened as well?

Just the sort of person every country would want as a citizen. Well, I can think of a few that would. quote.

National Party Justice Spokesman Mark Mitchell says the recording “gives a clear window into the kind of verbal abuse, coercion and threats that she’s probably been facing for a good 12 months”.

Newshub has heard a copy of the recording between Sroubek and his wife from May 3, and has been provided with excerpts from the call. Sroubek is in prison and the phone call was recorded by Corrections and released to the lawyers of Sroubek’s wife.

The call ends when Sroubek hangs up on his wife after saying “the day before yesterday, you go out with this prick, and all of a sudden everything is changing. Like, you know what, I’m not going to f**king let it go. F**k off”. end quote.

As I said, such a lovely boy, with such a good knowledge of English. I guess he had no trouble passing the language tests for migrants. quote.

Sroubek’s lawyer Paul Wicks QC told Newshub he is unable to comment: “In the absence of having the entire recording available, an opportunity to listen to it and take instructions from my client.” end quote.

Yeah… I wonder why that would be.

So here it is, folks. We now have proof of the kind of people that this government wants to allow into this country as migrants. Remember, the immigration minister originally approved his residency, and the prime minister backed him, even though she claims she knew nothing about the case. Her very good friend, Richie Hardcore, texted her after the decision to grant residency was made, and that text is clearly going to be very embarrassing for the prime minister when it is finally released.

Join the dots. This government is corrupt. John Key would have instantly fired a minister for even a hint of corruption but Jacinda can’t fire Iain Lees-Galloway because, it would appear, that she is donkey deep in this matter as well.

Sroubek, it appears, is not the only one to have friends in low places.