Sroubek’s wife ‘afraid for her life’

This government really is a disgrace. The only reason they did a U-turn on the residency application for Karel Sroubek was because they were caught out. I honestly believe that they thought they would get away with it. They never expected the normally fawning and compliant media to actually follow up on the case, and a supercilious “Trust us, we know what we are doing and you don’t” attitude didn’t put them off the scent either. I’m glad there are some in the media who still have a few scruples, and could see that a drug-dealing, wife-beating impostor would probably not make a model citizen, even if the immigration minister thought otherwise.

Speaking of Sroubek being a wife beater, it seems that this is no exaggeration.?Stuff?reports: quote.

The estranged wife of drug smuggler?Karel Sroubek feels vulnerable and afraid for her life, the House has been told.

National Party justice spokesman Mark Mitchell said she gave him a six-page?letter that contained permission to speak on her behalf.??He said she had?been threatened by gangs and was “genuinely scared”. end quote.

Hang on. Didn’t she write a letter of support for her husband’s residency application, telling everyone what a lovely boy he was?? quote.

She was taking a massive risk speaking out and said she was forced to write the letter of support so her convicted smuggler husband did not get deported from New Zealand.

It was this letter that Immigration Minister Iain Lees-Galloway put so much weight on when making his original decision to grant Sroubek residency. end quote.

Even though he was already in jail on drugs charges? Wasn’t that enough to get him deported anyway? quote.

One of the biggest questions that needed to be answered was how immigration officials tracked the woman down, when she was in a police safe house, Mitchell said.

“Yes, she made a submission in Sroubek’s support, but she says this was made under duress. She doesn’t want him to stay and has changed both her phone number and address, because of what she says are threats to her safety.

“The unwelcome visit by Immigration NZ?to discuss her statement, a visit she later received an apology for, makes the situation worse.” end quote.

Memo to the immigration minister. This case isn’t going away. It is appalling that she was visited by immigration officials, and that the message that she had written a letter of support for Sroubek under duress was somehow missed when the minister made his decision. How did that happen? quote.

During Question Time, Mitchell asked Lees-Galloway?if he was aware that on November 5, immigration officials arrived unannounced at the house where she was staying?and?that she told them she was happy to help but would like her lawyer and support person present because?she was frightened.

Lees-Galloway?replied that?he?was not aware of the details of how the investigation was carried out. He had been?told the person questioned declined to participate in the investigation. end quote.

Lees-Galloway is a buffoon. He has been wrung inside out over this issue. He is clearly out of his depth. quote.

National leader Simon Bridges told the House the first person contacted by Sroubek’s wife was a former Labour Party Cabinet minister who suggested contacting the Opposition. end quote.

Because the opposition might actually do something, other than say – “Trust us… we know what we are doing, and you don’t”?

Interestingly, the comments section of this particular Stuff article is full of common sense comments supporting Sroubek’s deportation. Hardly anyone supports him staying in the country. Who should the government be listening to? The majority of the people perhaps?

Iain Lees-Galloway has done a U-turn after enormous pressure from media and also from the opposition. But Sroubek’s residency application should have been thrown in the bin in the first place. Why exactly he was granted residency initially is a subject for speculation, but at least common sense seems to have won out in the end.

Credit: SonovaMin