Telling lies for Gaia

Caption: Sadly, this is far from the dumbest argument they’ve ever made.

George Orwell famously observed that ?One has to belong to the intelligentsia? to believe certain evidently foolish things. Half a century later, the ?intelligentsia? are still as cleverly witless as they ever were. They?ve been joined on their ship of fools by a mainstream media which has abandoned even the pretence of dispassionate truth-telling, in favour of openly partisan campaigning. Quote:

Much of the media/political class (especially the ABC) have been wrong on [border protection] at every turn for almost two decades. They downplayed the people-smuggling problem, denounced measures aimed at stopping it, blamed the surge on push factors, spread lies about Australia?s treatment of refugees and even proclaimed that the dilemma could never be resolved.

The Coalition?s success has saved lives. It also has humiliated the critics who continue to mis?represent the issue and now have lured Labor into a policy push that can help very few, if any, refugees but could seriously undermine the strong border protection regime. End of quote.

The mainstream media narrative is always interpreted through a lens of leftist conventional wisdom: the most outlandish claims are believed without question, and the truth is suppressed. When people-smugglers lied that they had been ?tortured? by the Australian Navy, the ABC rushed to repeat the dubious allegations with wide-eyed credulity. Quote:

Media coverage and activist campaigns about refugee issues are almost always ill-informed ? deliberately or otherwise ? and?an astonishing ?ignorance or disregard for what we have learned through the years.

Many commentators who echoed Labor?s claims a few years ago that asylum-seeker boats could not be turned back now endorse Labor?s new claim that all you need is turnbacks.

This is a level of gormlessness and reckless partisanship that is difficult to fathom. End of quote.

Border protection is just one of myriad issues where the mainstream media?s narrative trumps objective reality. Quote:

On climate change, however, the idiocy is bipartisan. The rampant emotionalism characterised by thousands of schoolchildren taking to the streets to ?save the planet? is not strongly countered with rational arguments by either major party.

The naivety of the students was unsurprising ? especially given the diet of unbridled alarmism they are fed through schools, universities and media. Sadly, some politicians, parents and teachers applauded the abusive tone of the chants and placards.

Still, what about the facts? The students were demanding action on climate change and were cheered on by journalists, commentators and politicians for doing so.

Few, if any, were asked: what action? For what result? And at what cost? End of quote.

Who wants facts when you can just virtue-signal and get back-pats from all your little friends, parents and teachers? Facts are hate speech. Quote:

The prospect that the Australian government could do anything that could change the global environment was too absurd to be entertained by adults, but there it was?If we shut down this country entirely and abandoned our continent tomorrow, the minuscule reduction in global emissions would be usurped by emissions growth elsewhere within six months. Yet both major parties pretend that our costly climate measures deliver environmental benefits. They are kidding us. End of quote.

No one seems to accept ?responsibility for explaining this reality to the protesting students or to voters.

It would be useless to try. All they?ll do is stick their fingers in their ears and shout, ?La-la-la-la-I-can?t-hear-you!?, then call you a fascist for hurting their feelings.