The Cannabis Referendum is a distraction

No New Zealand government has ever honoured a Citizens’ Initiated Referenda, and yet today it was announced that yet another Government Referendum will be binding on us all.

Which flag is cool, and getting stoned…these are the topics that you are allowed to decide on.

Not the UN Migration Pact, not the increase in violence or the overhaul of schooling, gender ideology and youth crime.

No. Just weed.

In contrast, some of the Citizens’ Initiated Referenda ignored by successive governments are:

1. Should the size of the House of Representatives be reduced from 120 members to 99 members?

81.5% said Yes

18.5% said No

The turnout was 84.8%

2. Should there be a reform of our justice system placing greater emphasis on the needs of the victims, providing restitution and compensation for them and imposing minimum sentences and hard labour for all serious violent offence?

91.8% said Yes

8.2% said No

The turnout was 84.8%

3. Should a smack as part of good parental correction be a criminal offence in New Zealand?

87.4% said No

11.98% said Yes

The turnout was 56.09%

4. Do you support the Government selling up to 49% of Meridian Energy, Mighty River Power, Genesis Power, Solid Energy and Air New Zealand?

67.3% said No

32.4% said Yes

The turnout was 45.07%

It is clear that New Zealanders are too incompetent to decide on parental authority, government structure, state-owned assets and victims’ rights, at least according to the current government.

Flags and weed referenda are apparently at the limit of our competence.

This NZ First/Green/Labour coalition will not even tell its citizens when it will sign a controversial migration pact let alone allow for any public discussion.

Far from being open and honest, this government has attempted to sign the document that is the most damaging to our sovereignty and freedom, without public awareness and interaction.

New Conservative call on the government to make all referenda binding and to replace? ?Conscience votes? with referenda. We also call for the threshold for petitions calling for Citizens’ Initiated Referenda to be dropped to 5% of the number who voted in the previous general election.

New Conservative is the only party to have Binding Citizens’ Initiated Referenda as its platform. No other party has this, indeed it was our first and founding policy and lies at the core of our origin story. quote.

This government is feeding crumbs to the people, and describing it as a feast. New Conservative rejects this patronising and condescending process?end quote.

Leighton Baker

New Conservative Leader