The EU crisis deepens

Caption: “Hoppla!

The guilty secret of the EU is that it is an organisation that was formed primarily to stop Germany waging war on everyone else. Even as the Third Reich was collapsing, European bureaucrats were drawing up plans for a Coal and Steel Union, to deny future would-be F?hrers access to vital war-making material. Unfortunately, they didn?t know when to stop.

The EU has been continually beset by several existential questions, which its enthusiasts have avoided answering. The most serious is what does the EU mean for national sovereignty? A sovereign is the sole supreme lawmaking body in a given territory. If the EU is a sovereign, then by definition, its member states aren?t. If the EU isn?t sovereign, then how can its laws overrule the laws of its sovereign member-states?

Another thorny question is ?widening? and ?deepening?: how far the EU should expand the number of member states. Is Turkey really part of Europe, and how deep should the union go? Without seriously addressing the issue, the EU relentlessly pursued both, going from a customs union to a political union to a monetary union.

Now even the most pro-EU cheer-squadders are asking if it has seeded its own destruction. Quote:

Hardened Eurosceptics might love to think the EU’s in trouble, but as leaders gather in Brussels for their summer summit on Thursday, dedicated Europhiles are also sounding the alarm.

“The fragility of the EU is increasing,” warns EU Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker. “The cracks are growing in size.” End of quote.

?Widening? and ?deepening? came to a fatal collision in the disastrous Schengen agreement. Once Europe?s borders were thrown wide open, Europe was an open feast for illegal immigrants, from the Bosphorus to the Baltic. Quote:

Italy and Greece smoulder with resentment at having been left alone to deal with migrant arrivals. Meanwhile, northern countries blame the south for not patrolling their Mediterranean borders better and for having, at least in the past, enabled migrants to “slip away” northwards towards richer Germany, Austria and Sweden.

Migration slashes the EU from east to west too.

Newer member states from Central and Eastern Europe never signed up to the post World War Two “all for one and one for all” vision.

When it comes to EU solidarity and burden-sharing, they are fervent non-believers. They determinedly turn their backs when Italy and Germany plead for migrant quotas. End of quote.

Neutered dimwits can pose with candles and ?welcome? signs all they want, but as Bavaria is relentlessly transformed into Baghdad with Alps, the hoi polloi are starting to ark up. Quote:

The number of migrants arriving illegally in Europe may be down, but so is voter tolerance of the problem.

The rise and rise across the EU of tough-on-migration politicians has emboldened hardliners such as Hungary’s Victor Orban and Austria’s Sebastian Kurz, who takes over the six-month rotating presidency of the EU this Sunday and will push migration as a top priority.

“Keep Them Out” is Austria’s main aim and while Europe’s (still) most influential leader, Angela Merkel, arrives in Brussels on Thursday pushing – and praying – for compromise on burden-sharing and prevention, the number of EU leaders pushing single-mindedly on the migrant deterrence button is growing. End of quote.

Europeans, slowly but surely, are growing fed up with the open borders obsessions and the high-handed authoritarianism of the elites in Brussels. Quote:

[C]ausing a border-closing domino effect across Europe – with a seismic impact on the EU’s prize political and economic project: the open-border Schengen agreement?Gloomy German government sources told me they gave the project a three out of 10 chance of survival thanks to the increasingly nationalistic nature of many European governments.

“And if Schengen does fail,” they predict, “that would be the beginning of the end of the European Union.”

It’s too early really to herald the demise of the EU or even the end of Mrs Merkel’s career in government as a result of this very political migrant crisis in Europe. End of quote.

A crisis almost entirely of the elites? making. With Ancien Regime arrogance, the Macrons of Europe have so far failed to even try to comprehend what Les Deplorables are complaining about. After all, as Mark Steyn says, they get the best of globalism ? increasing wealth, great restaurants and cheap nannies ? without ever having to worry about the downside. ?These people do not live in the world they have built for their subjects.?

Except that, finally, their subjects are beginning to revolt. For the first time in centuries, guillotines have been erected by mobs in French cities. Of course, they are merely symbolic.

So far.