The Fun Police target sick kids at Christmas

Caption: How can anyone bear to see an animal tortured like this?

For too many miserable gits, ?progressive? politics are a threadbare excuse for simply being a spiteful inquisitor. Even the women?s suffrage movement was tightly aligned with the Temperance movement: those cat’s-bum-mouthed hags who were the grandmothers of today?s vinegar-faced landwhales of feminism. Churches have them, too: busybody wowsers determined to sniff any whiff of fun and stamp it out.

Scratch an activist, and you?ll invariably uncover a nasty inquisitor, whose greatest fear in life is that someone, somewhere, might be having a good time.

Then there are the animal activists. These demented pecksniffs are so astoundingly joyless that they make the Westboro Baptist Church look like Carnivale.

Even desperately sick children are not immune from their hateful prosecutions. Quote:

Animals rights protesters fronted a group of sick children and their families who were meeting a pair of Santa’s reindeer on Monday afternoon.

Police were called to remove a group of about eight protesters, who were handing out pamphlets and filming children patting the reindeer at the Queensland Children’s Hospital. End of quote.

Because you?re never too young, or too ill, to have some self-righteous bully set you up to be pilloried on social media. Quote:

Vanessa Challen, whose six-year-old daughter suffers from a rare form of soft tissue cancer, said Maddison had been waiting for a year to meet the reindeer.

“It is a really tough time of the year for kids to be sick, she has been so excited about the reindeer,” Mrs Challen said.

“It means the world to us to have this experience. We had a big scare with Maddison’s scans last week, so this has made her really happy.” End of quote.

As if animal rights activists could care less about whether some baldy kid gets to feel better for even just a moment. They care about animals! Quote:

Protester Daniel Heggie said they were there to raise awareness about deer, which would rather be in a quiet place.

“Under the costumes and sleigh, these deer are exploited animals,” Mr Heggie said. End of quote.

A quiet place such as, for instance, somewhere there aren’t mardy-arsed martinets berating kids with cancer for committing the unforgivable sin of petting a warm, furry, domesticated animal?

But, yes, the animals are being exploited: exploited by these ideological nitwits using a cloak of animal-loving virtue as an excuse to hector vulnerable children. Quote:

Despite the police presence, the children were still delighted by the reindeer’s visit.

“It is so great,” Maddison said.

Maddison was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma, an aggressive and highly malignant form of cancer, 18 months ago.

The six-year-old has spent 12 of those months in Brisbane, away from her family and friends in Bundaberg. End of quote.

Hey, kid: if you were a slug or a fish, then these tyrannical activists might give a damn. But you?re a human, the only animal these creeps couldn’t care less about.