The government that has brought nastiness back

It is hard to know where to begin with this article, so I’ll start with this.

Stuff reports: quote.

It’s the week before Christmas but good cheer is yet to visit Parliament, with even Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern getting a telling off after an apparent attempt to call her opponent names.

Ardern was made to withdraw and apologise by Speaker Trevor Mallard after she responded to a question from Opposition leader Simon Bridges with the words “simple, Simon”. end quote.

We all know who Simple Simon is. He is a backward boy in a nursery rhyme. This is a disgraceful way for the prime minister to address the leader of the opposition.

Whatever happened to ‘bringing kindness back’, Jacinda? quote.

But she got in trouble anyway for using Bridges’ first name, which is against the rules. She started off the response by wishing “festive greetings” to the National leader. end quote.

Trevor Mallard forced her to withdraw and apologise. Really? It must be Christmas, or something. quote.

Ardern’s insult pales into insignificance alongside some of the worst offenders, however: NZ First leader and foreign affairs minister Winston Peters is a repeat offender and earlier this year called for the Speaker to “throw fatty out”, a reference to National’s shadow leader of the House, Gerry Brownlee.?end quote.

Ardern’s insult does not ?pale into insignificance? against any other comment. It was a disgraceful insult, completely unbecoming of a prime minister. Helen Clark would never have stooped so low – and that is saying something.

Ardern furthered her insult to the opposition by not bothering to stay in the house for Chris Finlayson’s valedictory speech, which as expected was witty and informative. She must have had a kindergarten to attend or another Woman’s Day photo shoot to go to. I hope the entire opposition walks out of her valedictory speech when it happens next year.

She is also becoming?increasingly tiresome by continuing to blame the previous government for everything and constantly referring to ?9 years of neglect?. Meanwhile, she never acknowledges that the massive surplus that the Coalition of Losers can splash around at the moment is entirely down to National’s excellent economic stewardship. She is now blaming the previous government for the delays in the??Census results?when Labour could have addressed any underfunding issues at the time, if required. But no. Much better to take the opportunity to hurl insults. It makes her government look so much better.

Except that it doesn’t. Insulting the previous government is stock-in-trade in politics, and very few people, except diehard Labour supporters, take much notice. They are however much more likely to take considerable notice of the government’s own shortcomings, and in particular, of the performance of its leading ministers.

There is the problem.

Jacinda called Simon Bridges ?simple? because she was trying to avoid the hard questions he was asking. She may think she is very clever and witty, and she raised a laugh in the house, but there is no room in politics for this kind of behaviour. There was a time when Question Time was full of witty repartee, but of course you have to have smart people in government for that. The Labour front bench, along with New Zealand First, are not capable of wit, and instead just resort to insults, such as that of the prime minister on Simon Bridges, and also the recent attack on Paul Goldsmith by Clayton Mitchell of NZ First. He deliberately called him ?Goldstein? in reference to an ancient series of ASB Bank adverts. There is nothing clever or witty about any of that.

Nor this, at Steven Joyce’s valedictory speech earlier in the year.

There is no ?kindness? with this government. There has been only nastiness and bile from Day 1. This is the government that knows that the people did not elect it. They are running scared. Instead of ?bringing kindness back?, they are bringing more nastiness and venom into politics than we have ever seen before. One year in, and we are seeing the true face of the Coalition of Losers, and it is an ugly one. They know they are not fit for office, and so they denigrate the opposition, in the vain hope that the voters will see them as incompetent too.

Hope is all this government has got left. Merry Christmas, everyone.