The left elite try and baffle us with bullshit

When Malcolm Turnbull knifed his way into the Lodge, the Australian media-elite swooned en masse. Elizabeth Farrelly gushed that ?Malcolm Turnbull will be our longest-serving PM since Robert Menzies?the country feels different. The air itself has a new edge?. But, being part of the media-political elite means that one can never be wrong. Now that Turnbull has crashed, burned, and shown his true colours as a vindictive wrecker, the elite naturally blame everyone else.

The disastrous state of the conservatives couldn?t possibly?be due to Turnbull?s pandering to the watermelon left and trying to turn the Coalition into a clone of Labor and the Greens, alienating conservative voters. Oh, no, it?s because the conservatives didn?t move far enough left. Quote:

And that brings me to ex-Liberal MP Julia Banks and Newscorp journalist Peter van Onselen. To both of them, and in the most Penn & Teller way that I can muster, I say ?bullshit??You see both Banks and PVO have been throwing around with gay abandon plenty of talk about ?the reactionary right? of the Liberal party.

Banks thinks this amorphous grouping is taking over her former party, which is no doubt news to Jim Molan who?s been cast aside from any winnable Senate slot by the faction bosses in favour of a complete lefty nobody woman?Meanwhile Peter van Oscillate, as I choose to call him, who is along with Nikki Savva the most pro-Turnbull and anti-Abbott commentator in the Australian, finds it hard to write anything about the Liberals these days without mention of the ?reactionaries? and the ?Reactionary Right? and the ?far right? (you get the idea). End of quote.

Telling themselves comforting lies beats the elites having to confront the reality that their ideas have simply failed. Quote:

Tell us precisely what policies it is that the Abbotts and Duttons and Taylors of the Liberal party are recommending that lump them in with guys who wear brown shirts and have little brown moustaches. What, precisely, counts as a ?reactionary? policy? Was it Abbott?s going to the wall for a souped-up paid parental leave? Was it his raising taxes on the highest paid? Or maybe it was his caving in on any attempt to repeal our egregious hate speech law s.18C? Was that pusillanimous cave-in ?reactionary??

Or was it stopping the boats, which well over half of Australians supported and which is a sine qua non of the nation state, and in turn of democratic decision-making? Of course maybe the very idea of not genuflecting before a supranational elite is equivalent to being a ?reactionary?? End of quote.

Nailed it. These nitwits are straight from the ?Everybody I don?t like is Hitler? school of political thought. Quote:

What policies did Dutton and co ever advocate ? and I want these two critics to name them explicitly ? that qualify as ?reactionary? policies?

There is nothing in view anywhere save for their anti-renewables energy policy. The Duttonites wanted to focus on prices and large-scale coal-powered electricity generation and to admit that the renewables/green focus has been a disaster. Now I think that Dutton line is wholly correct. Some of my friends disagree. But on no possible planet can that difference of opinion be cashed out in ways where one side is enlightenment personified while the other is ?reactionary?. End of quote.

Only on Planet Left, where the moral high ground is a given. Quote:

Here?s the thing that PVO in all his incoherence about what it means to be a conservative has never seemed to grasp? sometimes, when things are going in what you think is the wrong direction, you need to execute an about-turn and walk back the right way. End of quote.

The founding of political conservatism is often attributed to thinkers like David Hume, who argued against utopianism, and Edmund Burke, whose Reflections on the Revolution in France showed how an unthinking mania for ?revolution? and ?progress? was corrosive to the fabric of society, and that wanton destruction of traditional institutions came with a terrible cost.

Those are lessons that the left still stubbornly refuses to learn.