The Muslim community is OK with paedophilia

Caption: “For us, is not a problem”.

The horror of clerical sexual abuse is rightly regarded as a dark stain on Australia?s Christian churches, not least because of the Church authorities who evaded their responsibility to speedily bring the perpetrators to justice. What is obvious from the revelations of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse is the extraordinary lengths some church leaders went to conceal, or at best turn a willful blind eye to, the crimes of their fellows.

That?s because they knew just how abhorrent such crimes are, not just to their own religious communities, but to the Australian community at large.

As it turns out, though, certain other religious communities take a far more relaxed attitude to open paedophilia. Quote:

An imam who conducted a marriage ceremony between a 14-year-old girl and 34-year-old man has lost his Court of Appeal bid to overturn his conviction.

Ibrahim Omerdic was the imam at the Bosnia and Herzegovina Islamic Centre in Noble Park, in Melbourne?s east, when he solemnised the marriage in October 2016.

He contested the charge in the Melbourne Magistrates Court last year, arguing he had only conducted a religious blessing or ?Nikah?.

He was convicted and sentenced to two months? imprisonment but released immediately with a two-year recognisance order. End of quote.

When Afghan asylum seeker Ali Jaffari was arrested for attempting to abduct a four-year-old girl in Geelong, he shrugged it off with, ?For us is not an issue?. Obviously, his was not a lone opinion. Quote:

Justices Kim Hargrave, Terry Forrest and Karin Emerton this morning [said]??Based on what he told the informant, it is plain that the applicant intended to perform a ceremony using the text used for the solemnisation of marriages under Islamic law. In other words, he intended to conduct a ceremony that qualified as the solemnisation of a marriage under s 45(1) of the Marriage Act.? End of quote.

When the man regarded as a possessor of all virtues and the role model whom all Muslims are obliged to follow was a paedophile who married a six-year-old, that religious prescription is obviously going to have consequences. One of the consequences is that the Islamic world has disproportionately high rates of child marriage. In some countries, like Trinidad and Tobago, even when the law for the general population restricts marriage age to 18, Muslims have a special exemption that allows them to marry girls as young as 12. Quote:

?Registration of a marriage is distinct from the solemnisation of the marriage in accordance with the requirements of the Islamic faith,? the court found.

?So far as the applicant was concerned, the Certificate of Islamic Marriage could be used by [the couple] to prove to other Muslims that they were a married couple.

?They were a married couple in the eyes of the Muslim community.? End of quote.

In other words, the Muslim community, even in Australia, is perfectly okay with what everyone else, and Australian law, regard as paedophilia.