The numbers don’t lie: If you want a safe country don’t import ‘asylum seekers’


If people from a country with a strong cannibal culture wanted asylum in New Zealand how many of us would be keen to welcome them in? It would be the kind and compassionate thing to do wouldn’t it? If rampant cannibalism in their own country had led the asylum seekers to fear for their lives and the lives of their children because other cannibals wanted to eat them, then surely we should welcome them with open arms?

Not keen? Worried that they might not assimilate to our non-cannibalistic western culture and might eat your children? You could well be right. Statistics on asylum seekers show that bringing in people with a culture completely at odds with the culture of the?existing population makes a country less safe. Quote.

For people in a leftist bubble it?s probably a surprise, but the safest countries in the EU barely accepted asylum seekers, statistics show.

Data?from the Eurostat statistics office show which percentage of citizens of a country reported crime, violence or vandalism in 2017.

According to this indicator of safety, Croatia is the EU?s safest country […] followed by Poland, Slovakia, Finland and Hungary. As a strange ?coincidence? these countries?barely accepted refugees?during Europe?s migrant crisis.

According to sources, Poland accepted the most newcomers with 12,238 refugees and 2,902 asylum seekers. But the statistics are problematic, as Poland accepted a large number of people?from Ukraine.

There?s also strong opposition in the country against Muslim refugees. ?Poland opposes the mandatory quota system for immigrants from North Africa and the Middle East,? the country?s Prime Minister?said?earlier.

The top five EU countries are not plagued by Islamic terror attacks, grooming gang scandals or no-go zones.

Among the worst performing countries in the ?safety index? are Bulgaria, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Greece and Sweden. end quote.