This Christmas SPOIL your staff

Whale Meat Company Gifts

Your Staff will know that they are appreciated with a lovely gift of Whale Meat Christmas hams.

Whale Meat is your easy, no fuss way to order Christmas hams and you know that they taste just divine! You can find a range of meaty gifts that are suitable for a range of budgets with Whale Meat.

Make the difference this year with Whale Meat meat packs.

We can deliver

  • What you like,
  • How you like,
  • When you like.


Popular Hams are chilled, Cooked on Bone (COB) Hams for staff from 5 to 1,000 staff (and we can deliver to company offices all over New Zealand)

Half COB hams are approx. 4.5-5.5kg, Whole COB Hams 9-11kg

Pricing is on a per kilo basis and is of course less than retail in supermarket chillers

**The last day to order hams will be Wednesday, Dec 12th


Bacon Packs

These packs are very popular. The superb Whale Meat Bacon both Streaky and Eye are ideal for great staff gifts!

Very cost effective.

Whale Meat Streaky and Whale Meat Eye bacon packs are 500g and you can order from 5 to 1,000+ packs of bacon for your staff.


Whale Meat Packs

Whale Meat can offer your company a range of meat boxes for your staff.

Please contact us and we can work with you as we have meat boxes to suit your budget, that your staff will love!

Email: [email protected]