The pressures of being a stay-at-home dad…

…who (rumour has it) drives a Maserati…

Jacinda Ardern, Clarke Gayford and their baby daughter

Last Sunday gave us a pleasant surprise in the political polls. National had managed to sneak ahead of Labour, recovering just about all of their loss in the previous poll, which had been driven mostly by the Jami-Lee Ross saga. It is heartening to know that National’s core base has not deserted it, although I don’t have much hope that they will use this bounce to move away from their leftist policies. It was bad news for Labour, who have enjoyed their day in the sun when it seemed that voters actually liked them. It is likely that Labour were already aware of this change as they do their own polling, which they keep close to their chests.

So what was their reaction to the bad news? You guessed it. With the help of their favourite website, Stuff and Nonsense, they wheeled out the First Baby… and the First Stay-at-home Dad the very next day. quote.

?When Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and partner Clarke Gayford?loaded their newborn Neve Te Aroha into the car for the first time, Gayford was conscious the world was watching.

“I?was almost disappointed they didn’t film that moment, because,?man, I?was like a slick professional,” Gayford said.

“I was like an official baby loader ??’watch me load this child.'”?end quote.

I see now that I am obviously not part of the ‘world’, because personally I couldn’t give a stuff about Clarke putting the baby into a car. One or two people have done this before. quote.

Gayford told A’Court?he and Ardern had decided on boundaries regarding sharing Neve’s life and development on social media, before their first child was born. end quote.

By setting up a Facebook page called “Pimp my Baby” you mean? Because that is what you do, all the time. Just as you are doing in this article and in the display at the UN that was… shameful. Pimping the child for all it was worth, just for a few photo ops. You guys really can’t help yourselves, can you? quote.

“We just decided that if we put some boundaries around it then it’s easier to have those boundaries respected by others, if you like. So I don’t go posting pictures of her [Neve’s] face, necessarily,?but I’ll put the odd sneaky one out of a cute outfit.” end quote.

Is there a purpose to this article? Because, if there is, I am struggling to find it. Oh yes. Sorry. National are ahead in the polls.

Why does anyone think that anybody cares about this stuff? It is Woman’s Day, every day.

I suspect that Stuff and Nonsense had been sitting on this article, waiting for the day that the government had a public perception problem. Let us just say it is going to need a few more of these articles. A lot more.

In the meantime, we now understand the reason why there is a need to spend $3 million on security for Premier House. There is a baby in the house. No one has ever had a baby in an official residence before.

Here’s a sneak preview of what $3 million will buy in security services.

I think they’re going to need a bigger horse…