The Revolution is eating its own. Pass the popcorn.

Revolutions are notorious for eating their children. Mostly metaphorically, although there are dark stories about what some of the peasants had to do to survive during the Holomodor and the Great Leap Forward. But almost invariably, as soon as the tumbrils have disgorged their loads of aristocrats and landlords, they start to load up with revolutionaries who?ve had the bad grace to fall out with their new bosses.

Even the American Revolution resulted in widespread oppression of loyalists.

The Marxists? contemporary Cultural Revolution is similarly devouring its own at a frightful rate. Quote:

A former anti-discrimination commissioner, who controversially accepted a complaint against Catholic bishops, is herself the subject of anti-discrimination complaints taken by two feminists.

Two members of the women?s rights group, Women Speak Tasmania, have lodged federal and state anti-discrimination complaints against former Tasmanian anti-discrimination commissioner Robin Banks.

Both complaints relate to criticism of WST by Ms Banks, who in an email to members of a human rights group described WST?s opposition to transgender reforms as ?hateful? and cautioned against allowing the group to speak at a forum last week. End of quote.

First, they came for the priests; then they came for the straight males. Now they?re coming for the TERFs. Quote:

Miss Williams and Ms MacGregor accuse her of ?no platforming? them.

?Ms Banks has encouraged (the league) ? to discriminate against me and Miss Williams on the basis of our political activity and our political belief and affiliation,? Miss MacGregor writes in the complaint.

?We also believe Ms Banks has humiliated, intimidated, insulted, ridiculed and offended us on the basis of our ?gender identity?.

?We do not identify as ?non-trans women?, but as biological women. And Ms Banks and the group with which she is associated, Transforming Tasmania, insist that anyone who denies the proposition that ?transwomen are women? is a transphobic bigot.? End of quote.

They label everyone as a ?transphobic bigot? when they?re not screeching that everyone is Hitler.

Still, it?s kind of funny, seeing an intolerant ideologue hoist by her own petard. Quote:

Ms Banks, who as commissioner sparked a national debate after ruling in 2015 that Catholic bishops had a case to answer over an anti-gay marriage booklet, said she was yet to receive any detailed information about the complaints. End of quote.

Now how does it feel, you inquisitorial mini-tyrant?