The winner of the Whaleoil Political quote of the year

This year we have in both first and second place two people with exactly the same percentage of votes.

In first place tied with 17% each are:? Judith Collins and Jacinda Ardern

Photoshopped image credit: Luke

Judith Collins’ political quote is

I’m so sick of being told what we’re not allowed to think.

Photo Maarten Holl/Fairfax Media, The Dominion Post.
Police College. New firearms, etc, training simulator.
Minister of Police Judith Collins gets trained by Vince Anthony, Lockheed Martin (US)

Jacinda Ardern’s quote is

Read between the lines

PM Jacinda Ardern makes the secret Whaleoil hand signal WO


In second place tied with 16% are Simon Bridges and Kelvin Davis.

Simon Bridges’ political quote is:

Here comes the protection.

National leader Simon Bridges: He blew on the pie but has done nothing to stand up for free speech

Kelvin Davis’ political quote is:

I will resign from parliament if the next Labour government closes either of the charter schools in Whangarei.

Kelvin Davis cracking
Photoshopped image credit: Luke