The year of the Mickey Mouse politicians

In a newspaper Barry Soper chose?Ian Lees-Galloway as ?Politician of the Year? describing him as, quote:

?audacious in the defence of himself over the infernal Karel Sroubek affair. The unravelling of his decision was pure theatre.

The articulate and it would seem unflappable Lees-Galloway was adamant he’d made the right decision, make no mistake about it. He’d do the same thing again, he insisted.? End of quote.

Lees-Galloway presented as incompetent and didn’t do his leader any favours when she defended him before the full story of his incompetency unfolded.

Soper chose Simon Bridges as a close second in the inadequacy stakes after Bridges’ woeful pursuit of the villain who leaked his expenses. Retribution from Jami-Lee Ross, who released his conversations with Bridges and Bennett, made Bridges appear unfeeling and weak.

Both Lees-Galloway’s and Bridges’ travesties unravelled like soapie dramas on daytime television with the public glued to their screens for the next horrible instalment.

These two were up against stiff competition for the prize of the worst politician of the year as it would be a hard task to award this honour to any one person.

2018 saw the Green Party contributing more than their fair share of incompetence by bumbling inexperience.

Photoshopped image credit: Boondecker

Golriz Ghahraman excelled at consistently embarrassing herself with her dubious and ever-changing credentials and then forgetting she was part of the government she enthusiastically protested about.? She tweeted nonsense statements including the memorable ?ending poverty is a human rights issue,? whilst completely forgetting it was her job to do something about it.

Julie Anne Genter stood for co-leadership when disgraced Metira Turei was forced to resign which provoked some Green Party members to threaten their resignation if she succeeded.? Oops.?Genter pushed her cycling fetish and threw money at cycleways no one uses or wants, in the insane belief she can get us out of our cars and onto bikes. Retro is fashionable in furniture but quickly turns retrograde when applied to transport.

Marama Davidson?s attempt to reclaim the ?c? word was right up there in how not to behave as a minister.

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In the Labour camp, Claire Curran and Meka Whaitiri were relieved of responsibilities after their lapses in judgement.

The National Party were not immune from disgrace either with Maggie Barry sailing close to the wind and Jami-Lee Ross jumping ship after attempting to take out Bridges and Bennett.

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Ministers who do not understand their position or their role encouraged Trevor Mallard to suggest that future new ministers undergo training before taking up their posts.? A far better option would be to abolish list MPs and let voters determine who they best want representing them.

Mickey Mouse could have done a better job than some of the current lineup.