They love them long time ? on our dime

Caption: A pair of Australian politicians on a taxpayer-funded overseas study trip.

There?s an old saying that politics is show business for ugly people. Politicians, no matter how horror-headed, have since time immemorial tried to prove the adage by getting up to the sort of depraved shenanigans that characterise what Kenneth Anger dubbed ?Hollywood Babylon?.

Australian politicians are no different: several leading Labor pollies are well-known adulterers, while the Greens have been wracked by sex scandals. Even the hayseeds seem determined to put the bone into Dryza-Bone: Barnaby ?The Beetrooter? Joyce disgraced himself by knocking up a former staffer. Now another Nat is having a less than happy ending. Quote:

Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack has known for two weeks about allegations that triggered the sudden resignation today of Nationals MP Andrew Broad from the ministry after New Idea published a story alleging he used a dating site to find ?sugar babes? while on an overseas taxpayer-funded work trip?

Mr Broad, a married Victorian Nationals MP, resigned from Scott Morrison?s ministry this morning?

Amy?alleges she met Mr Broad in Hong Kong last month for dinner at the restaurant Aqua after connecting through a website for sugar daddy arrangements. Amy, who goes by the online name ?Sweet Sophie Rose?, alleges Mr Broad sent text messages to her in the lead up to the date, including: ?I?m an Aussie lad, I know how to ride a horse, fly a plane and f..k my woman. My intentions are completely dishonourable.?

Another text message allegedly read: ?I?ve booked a flashy room to seduce you back to.? End of quote.

But even gold-diggers have some standards, apparently. Quote:

Amy alleged that during the dinner he was ?so forward and cocky? and he allegedly kept ?grabbing my hand and putting it on his leg, so I excused myself and went to the bathroom and when I came back I told him I was leaving.

?He led me to believe he was younger and he wasn?t pleasant to be around. I know some people wouldn?t understand the premise of the site but in a lot of cases like mine, it?s simply dinner and a chat, and that?s not what he was looking for,? she told the magazine. End of quote.

But the one thing a sugar daddy shouldn?t do is come across as cheap. Kind of blows the whole deal, really. Quote:

?(At the alleged dinner) he kept commenting on prices and how expensive they were. It made everything so awkward from the start. He told me he was in Hong Kong for a conference but he shouldn?t have been here at all. He kept saying that he was very important and that when he left he was going to have to throw away his phone. He referred to himself as James Bond numerous times. End of quote.

Sounds like a class act.

Now, there?s a perfectly sound argument that politicians? private affairs, however skin-crawling, are just that: private. If some sleazy bloke wants to shag a tart on an overseas trip, well, that?s his business. He pays his money, he takes his chances. The problem is, it?s not his money. It?s ours. Quote:

The Nationals MP told New Idea: ?I have been advised that the person making the allegation may have engaged in criminal activity. This matter has been reported to the Australian Federal Police and I will not be making any further comment.? End of quote.

There?s also the small matter of rampant hypocrisy. Quote:

Shortly before Barnaby Joyce resigned as deputy prime minister following revelations he had an affair with staffer Vikki Campion, who is now the mother of his baby son Sebastian, Mr Broad tweeted: ?Quote from the late Billy Graham ?when wealth is lost, nothing is lost; when health is lost, something is lost; when character is lost, all is lost? ? telling words for the Leadership of the National Party.??Supporters of Mr Joyce considered Mr Broad instrumental to the former Nationals leader?s resignation from the ministry. End of quote.

Self-righteousness is a two-edged sword.

Meanwhile, more MPs may have been out for a dose of Asian Persuasion. Quote:

A federal government MP has been labelled a possible target for blackmail and extortion because of trips taken to sleazy areas ?frequented by prostitutes and drug dealers in Southeast Asia?There is no evidence of any criminal conduct by the MP…The Prime Minister?s office said it was aware of an allegation made against an MP, but that it had been ?discredited and dismisse?d by the AFP.? End of quote.

They love them long time ? just do it on their own dime.