They want all the institutional toys

As I?ve written many times, the Long March through the institutions is steadily subverting the civic institutions of Western society, from academia and the media to statutory bodies and NGOs. The putsch has been so successful that the left seem to take it for granted that they should and do rule the roost. They?re ?on the right side of history?, as they so smugly put it.

Having gotten so used to having all the institutional toys lavished on them, the left react with indignant fury when even the smallest trinket is taken away from them. Quote:

The latest Fair Work Commission appointments could ?sound the death knell? for the tribunal in its current form, with the Coalition treating the concept of an independent umpire with contempt, a workplace law expert says.

University of Adelaide law profess?or Andrew Stewart said the appointments of six new members by Industrial Relations Minister Kelly O?Dwyer last week would make it difficult for a Labor government to work with the tribunal.

Four of the six have worked direct?ly for employer groups. Most of the tribunal members are now Coalition appointments, with backgrounds either working for employer groups or as lawyers generally representing employers. End of quote.

The Fair Work Commission was created by Labor, with what even the left-leaning Sydney Morning Herald called ?a disregard for detail that borders on arrogance, and the policy has been devised after consultation with only one side of the industrial debate: the unions?. Labor stacked the Commission with a roll-call of its mates, including union hacks and former union law firm employees. So now that the Coalition are getting their turn, Labor’s whining stinks of hypocrisy.

Hypocrisy isn?t in short supply, though. Quote:

Josh Bornstein, a principal? lawyer with Maurice Blackburn, said the commission had been ?stacked beyond repair?. End of quote.

Several Fair Work Australia appointments have been former Maurice Blackburn employees, as has Labor leader Bill Shorten. Quote:

?I fear this move may sound the death knell for the commission in its current form,? Professor Stewart said. End of quote.

I suspect that that?s kind of the point.

Naturally, employers take a slightly different view. Quote:

Australian Industry Group chief executive Innes Willox said the new appointments were warrant?ed, given the decrease in members over recent years.

?For the past two years, Ai Group has been expressing concern about the apparent transfer of work from appointed commission members to employed staff, particula?rly in relation to the assessment of enterprise agreements lodged for approval,?? he said.

?Enterprise agreements should be assessed by commission member?s drawing on the extensive experience that led to their appointme?nt. The assessment of agreements has become far too much of a spreadsheet exercise, rather than judgments by exper?ienced commission members.? End of quote.

It seems the only experience leftists want Fair Work appointees to have is as lefty shills. Otherwise, who knows? They might start losing their iron grip on the institutions.