They’re addicted to alpaca love

Caption: I don’t think that’s what “town bike” is supposed to mean.

There used to be an ad on Tasmanian tv for an alpaca wool company. Its jingle ran thus: Ya gotta love alpacas ?cos they?ll always love ya back, and I?m addicted to alpaca love!

It turns out that addiction to alpaca love is an affliction that has now crossed Bass Strait and affected Mainland bikies. Quote:

NSW Police have won a battle in the Supreme Court to have restrictions placed on a Gypsy Joker bikie clubhouse, where club members allegedly had sexual intercourse with an alpaca.

The clubhouse [is] in the western Sydney suburb of Horsley Park. End of quote.

Some jokes almost write themselves. Quote:

Acting Sergeant Trueman told a court hearing that police raided the clubhouse several times, including in June 2014 after they received a tip “that the Gypsy Jokers had stolen an alpaca and were having sexual intercourse with it”.

An alpaca named Cleo was seized, but a barrister for the Gypsy Jokers denied that “anything indecent” happened in relation to the animal. End of quote.

I mean, it?s a girl alpaca, yer honour. At least they?re not poofters or nuffin?. Anyway, guess it?s time for us Aussies to lay off the ?sheepshagger? jokes?

But, jokes aside, there?s a darker turn in this story. Quote:

In September, a month after the Supreme Court hearing, Mr Hogg was arrested and charged after he allegedly kidnapped his ex-girlfriend and took her to the clubhouse, where he allegedly bashed her, tied her to a pole and shaved her head in a two-day ordeal.

Tactical police surrounded the premises for several hours on September 18 before the heavily-tattooed Mr Hogg walked out and was arrested.

Mr Hogg has been charged with breaching an AVO, kidnapping, stalk/intimidate, and assault occasioning actual bodily harm, and will next appear in court in January. End of quote.