They’re not even trying to hide it

Caption: The left will go to any lengths to avoid offending Islam.

The left love to call everyone who disagrees with them ?deniers? and ?phobic? at the same time as they cuddle up to the most homophobic ideology on the face of the planet. Despite Islam?s strident homophobia, the Islamophile left insist on pretending that liberal Western society can ?coexist? with a mediaeval cult of violent oppression.

It?s not even as if Muslims are trying to hide their beliefs and intentions. The popular IslamQA website is unambiguous in its judgement: ? The scholars of Islam, such as Maalik, al-Shaafi’i, Ahmad and Ishaaq said that (the person guilty of this crime) should be stoned, whether he is married or unmarried?. Across the Islamic world, up to 99% and nowhere less than 75%, of Muslims condemn homosexuality.

The late Christopher Hitchens skewered the Australian left?s pet Muslim, Waleed Aly, when the latter tried to fudge and waffle his way out of giving a straight answer on Islam?s attitude to homosexuality. Yet, even when Muslims unambiguously admit what sharia really means, the left resort to denial and crawling apologism. Quote:

The host of a U.S. radio show has tried desperately not to insult Islam after a Muslim man called in and said LGBTQ people need to be beheaded.

The man went on to claim his Muslim ?brothers and sisters? are fighting to have Sharia Law implemented in the United States and any opposition to that goal is ?anti-Muslim.? End of quote.

In the recording, there is no room for doubting what the caller insists Islamic law means. Quote:

?I’m Muslim and I believe 110% in Sharia Law. Sharia law needs to be implemented in the United States, because that’s the only way this deviant lifestyle will be corrected. You know what happens in Saudi Arabia and other countries ? Islamic countries ? you know what happens to the gay people, correct? They’re beheaded, and that, I believe. I’m gonna fight as hard as I can, with all my Muslim brothers and sisters, to make Sharia law in the United States. End of quote.

Hitchens also warned, in the early 2000s, that the weasel-word ?Islamophobia? would be used to summarily shut down any criticism of Islam. Right on cue, the Muslim radio caller proves him right and right on cue, the host obediently falls into line. Quote:

The female host asked the man, ?So people should be beheaded for being gay? Come on. This is America.?

?You?re anti-Muslims?? the man responded.

?I?m not anti-Muslim,? she quickly replied.

?You?re anti-Muslim if you?re saying that about my religion,? he said?

?I?m not against Islam,? the host continued to insist. End of quote.

Just in case there was any doubt, Muslims in America are putting their words into action. Quote:

Taray Carey, 27, was travelling in an Uber in New York on November 28 with husband Alex Majkowski and another friend when the couple shared a hug.

According to Mr Carey, the Uber driver was angered by the intimacy, allegedly calling the pair ?f***ots? and telling them they would be ?beheaded? if they lived in his home country.

Mr Carey attempted to leave the vehicle, but was allegedly dragged down the street as he clung to the car while the unnamed driver ?gunned it?.

He said the incident had been reported to the police, but that they had been ?patronising? in their response. End of quote.

Because, as thousands of white British girls have found, police will turn a blind eye to even the most horrific crimes rather than risk ?offending? Muslims.