This is our future under the UN Global Migration Pact

Caption: Migration under open borders. The lighter a country, the more would leave; the darker, the more migrants it will receive.

It has been said that, if the ?compassionate? elites of the Western left were allowed to implement their vision of a migration utopia, Africa would empty overnight, leaving just a few tattered black flags waving limply over the Sahel.

Well, with the UN?s ?Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration?, the globalist elite are close to realising their goal. Borders and citizenship will be all-but erased, and migration will become a ?human right?.

And the result will be as predicted.

This isn?t some ?right wing nut job? conspiracy theory: thanks to Gallup, we have the evidence. Quote:

If everyone in the world could move to whatever country they wanted to, New Zealand’s population would swell by 231 per cent.

United States-based research firm Gallup’s most recent Potential Net Migration Index (PNMI), a 2015-2017 survey of more than 450,000 adults from 152 countries, has revealed that New Zealand would see a substantial influx of people if migration were free. End of quote.

As the data shows, New Zealand isn?t the only country in the globalists? sights, but, unlike Australia and the United States, New Zealand is voluntarily throwing its borders wide open. Quote:

[B]ecause New Zealand has voted to adopt the legally non-binding UN Migration Compact ? the first-ever global agreement on a common approach to international migration ? which was signed in Morocco on Wednesday.

The New Zealand Government was undecided on the agreement until Wednesday, when Foreign Affairs Minister Winston Peters announced the country would vote for the compact because legal advice suggested it would not compromise sovereignty.

National Party leader Simon Bridges said National would oppose the compact if it were in power.

Many United Nations member states are expected to adopt the compact, but countries such as the United States and Australia opposed it because of the potential impact on their ability to determine their own immigration and foreign policy. End of quote.

The Gallup data shows exactly what will happen under the UN Migration Compact. Quote:

[I]t showed how much each country’s population could grow or shrink if migration were a free-for-all.

The survey subtracted the number of people who wanted to leave their country from those who wanted to migrate to their country to determine the potential changes to each country’s adult population.

It also showed what specific types of people were interested in migrating. End of quote.

The maps show a country?s ?Potential Net Migration Index? (PNMI). The lighter a country is shaded, the more people would leave. The darker the country, the more its population would swell. Quote:

The 152 countries surveyed represent about 99 per cent of the world’s adult population.

If a country’s PNMI were -100 per cent, that would mean the total adult population would leave if they had the opportunity.

The scale could go all the way to infinity in the opposite direction, meaning the number of people moving to that country was unlimited because it is so desirable. End of quote.

What is more telling, though, is the Youth PNMI: that is, how many of a country?s young people would leave. Quote:

The PNMI showed populations would mostly grow only in New Zealand, Australia, Oceania, North America and Europe if everyone moved wherever they wanted.

Populations in sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East, North Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean would shrink. End of quote.

Caption: A massive global demographic youthquake.

To get an even fuller insight, though, requires some more comparisons. Consider, for instance, maps showing those countries where men outnumber women, and where poverty is greatest.

Caption: Countries in red are where men outnumber women; those in green are where women predominate.

Caption: The darkest countries have the most poverty.

Further, we need to know not just which countries will be shedding the greatest percentage of their populations, but which countries have the most population to shed. That is, where the bulk of the world?s migrants will come from. Take a look at what Steve Sailer calls ?the world?s most important graph?.

Caption: Europe is in demographic decline ? its “Strange Death” ? while sub-Saharan Africa is exploding.

Finally, cross-reference all of that with a map of global education attainment.

Caption: The darkest red countries have the lowest educational attainment.

The conclusion of all this is stark and disturbing.

Europe, North America, and Australia/New Zealand will be overwhelmed with mostly poor, and poorly educated, young men, mostly from Africa, and mostly Muslim.

Our future, under the UN?s open borders vision, is Sweden.

Caption: Another map; no particular reason.