This is what sitting on the fence looks like

Simon Bridges must have sore balls from sitting so firmly astride the fence. I clicked on his statement that had the headline, National would pull NZ out of UN migration pact, hoping to read a strong and uncompromising condemnation of the UN migration pact. Instead what I read appears to have been drafted by a couple of weasels recently graduated from Weasel University.

The National party’s current leader appears afraid to draw a line in the sand on this very important issue. His statement has been very carefully constructed to try to keep everyone happy, which means he will please no one. Let’s have a look at his statement so I can show you what I mean. quote.

National would pull New Zealand out of the UN?s Global Compact on Migration because of its potential to restrict New Zealand?s ability to set its own migration and foreign policy, National Leader Simon Bridges says.

“National is supportive of global action on major issues and of migration into New Zealand because it brings skills, capital and connections and makes New Zealand a better, more diverse place. And we support the ability for New Zealanders to travel and live and work overseas should they choose. end quote.

To me as a conservative voter, globalism is anathema. I support individual rights and the rights of each country to make their own decisions on every issue. Migration should be strictly controlled, and immigrants should be screened for what they can add to New Zealand, not for what New Zealand can do for them. Diversity for diversity’s sake is not a good thing, and diversity is the language and the rhetoric of the left. Simon Bridges is a left-wing leader. The next part of his statement turned me off immediately. quote.

?But immigration policy is solely a matter for individual countries and must take account of their individual circumstances ? and New Zealand?s policies are already held up as international best practice. There is no automatic right to migrate to another country without that country?s full agreement, a view which the United Nation?s Global Compact on Migration, set to be signed next week, seeks to counter.

?While not binding, the Compact could restrict the ability of future governments to set immigration and foreign policy, and to decide on which migrants are welcome and which aren?t. While National is the party most open to immigration, we cannot accept this. end quote.

That could have been a strong and uncompromising statement that drew a line in the sand, but it was immediately weakened by the line that ?National is the party most open to immigration?. This dilutes the message down to nothing. He is saying that National will not be told by others to accept large numbers of immigrants, but it will on its own, without?any coercion, take in large numbers of immigrants anyway, so don’t be upset that they will be pulling out of the migration pact. quote.

?This Government?s own immigration policy is weak and confused, including its unfulfilled campaign promises to slash immigration. Signing up to this only clouds things further ? like its working groups the Government appears to be relying on the UN to set its migration policy rather than making its own decisions. end quote.

Bridges is right that,?with its intention to sign?the UN Migration Compact, the Labour-led coalition government is going against its own claimed desire to reduce immigration. However, how is that any different to National, who say that they will pull out of it even though they are the party most open to immigration? quote.

?While a number of countries are pulling out of the agreement as the extent of its potential impact on the decision-making of individual countries is realised, our Government is refusing to outline its own position.

?For these reasons, National will not be supporting this agreement and we will reverse the decision if this Government signs up to it.? end quote.

It is good that Bridges is stating that National will reverse the decision when they get back into power, although I highly doubt that Bridges will be the leader when that finally happens. He has utterly failed, however, to use this decision to National’s advantage. Instead, his statement has painted National as the pro-immigration party that is sympathetic to the globalism aims of the UN. The only difference between Simon Bridges and Jacinda Ardern is that he wants to flood New Zealand with Muslim immigrants on his own terms, not the UN’s.

The Ministry of Silly Hats. Credit: Boondecker