Time for leftists to GetonGab

Leftists generally take to Gab in the same way that vampires take to holy water and sunlight. In a way, I can?t blame them: while a (hostile) study of Gab users nonetheless showed that the majority of its users slant to the centre-right, there is also a vociferous hard-right element who are unremittingly hostile to the left.

This is precisely why Gab needs more leftists. Social media needs to stop being mutually hostile camps of circled wagons and become a genuine conversation. If conservatives and centrists can soldier on against the rabid far-left bias of Twitter, lefties can learn to stand up for themselves on Gab.

One leftist has taken a look at Gab, and while too chicken to jump into the fray yet, at least they?re honest enough to praise what Torba and co. are doing. Quote:

I?ve been thinking about the frontier lately. Most of it is due to the fact that I just finished reading Cormac McCarthy?s Blood Meridian, an excellent and stark analysis of the darkness (and light) that lurks in men?s hearts by means of showcasing the 19th century lawless wastelands around the Southwest US-Northwest Mexican Border and its savage inhabitants. Then as a contrast, I read a bit of Henry David Thoreau?s Walden, which uses the wilderness of New England to examine the inherent nobility and goodness of man. Thoreau?s self-imposed exile gets me on the topic of exit politics, which brings me back to Gab. End of quote.

Also unlike most of the left, DC Kurtz is willing to admit the danger of the left?s mania for censorship. Quote:

In the event you haven?t been living under a rock, the past two years or so have been pretty awful for free expression online?we?re seeing an increasingly polarized system of anarcho-tyranny on social media, where angry mobs can descend on individuals they find disagreeable and spam their posts with personal harassment and insults in an effort to silence and marginalize them via brute force. Paradoxically, speech is not only under attack by tyrants, but also the people themselves. The candle is burning at both ends.

I do have to say is that it was obvious that the fringe right was just the beginning?Authority is not your friend and authority will never be your friend. End of quote.

The conventional wisdom of the left is that Gab is the social media wing of the Daily Stormer. Kurtz is at least honest enough to call out his peers? bullshit. Quote:

The explicit goal of Gab is to be a save haven for dissenters and those targeted by aggressive social media purges. Given what I said earlier about who gets targeted first under authoritarianism?Gab?s reputation is that of Blood Meridian?s western hellscape, a demented and lawless wasteland where the most vicious and savage of men lurk with hate in their hands and malice in their hearts.

Personally, I don?t think I agree with that assessment. I don?t have a Gab account and I don?t know when I?ll get one?I?m an anti-prison, anti-work anarchist and unrepentant advocate of sodomy, so Gab?s audience probably isn?t my audience right now. But based on a very quick twitter exchange, I think I?m genuinely optimistic about Gab?s future?Despite Gab CEO Andrew Torba and I both probably having different ideas on the nature of vice and virtue, we seem to be united in our belief in the American principle of free expression.

In a lot of ways, Gab?s founding mirrors America?s?gradually more and more dissenters of different stripes followed their example and soon the English Colonies became a relatively diverse and tolerant area where believers of all stripes could generally coexist, culminating in the Founding Fathers protecting freedom of conscience and religion in via the First Amendment. End of quote.

This is why I would urge leftists like Kurtz to stop prevaricating, and getongab without delay. Quote:

Gab has the power to save the web for all of us. Every single weirdo, deviant, ideologue, and outcast needs to realize that we have a target on our back. We are ultimately a hazard to the system?They will gradually demolish and deconstruct the spaces that we built. It is of the utmost importance that a platform exists that is truly open and welcome for everyone to use. Gab has the potential to be that platform. End of quote.

Who knows, if right, left and centre start talking to each other, people might find out that we have more in common than we thought.