Tis the season to be jolly

Labour Christmas fairy: photoshopped image credit Pixy

Well, not for everyone. This year, more people than ever need help.

RNZ ?reports: quote.

Hundreds of people lined up outside Eden Park in Auckland today but they were not clambering to get to their seats for a rugby game.

Instead, they were there for food and Christmas gifts from Auckland City Mission to those in need.

This year, the social service provider is distributing its emergency parcels from three different sites, while its central city premises are being rebuilt.

Food bank manager Kelly Brown said the need was great.

“We don’t know how big it’s going to get but each year it gets bigger and bigger and bigger.”

In a downstairs room at Eden Park, volunteers dash in and out with shopping trolleys, creating special parcels for each family as they arrive. end quote.

So, this year, the demand for food parcels is greater than ever. In spite of the Families package. In spite of the Child Poverty Bill. In spite of all of this government’s promises, things just get worse and worse for those at the bottom of the heap. quote.

Some of those families have been lining up since 2am this morning. By the time the doors open at 9am, there were about 150 people.

One of those is solo mother of eight, Stacey.

She had a bakery assistant job in Kaikohe but, last month, her eldest son was admitted to Starship Hospital in Auckland and she lost her job.

Stacey saw a post about the Christmas drive on Facebook.

“Here I am thinking, ‘I had nothing to give my children but myself and love.’

“My babies are going be really happy, and I’m so grateful.” end quote.

Give her credit, she was working, she lost her job due to unfortunate circumstances… but 8 children. Really. quote.

The prime minister plans to visit the Auckland City Mission before Christmas to “drill into” why an increasing number of families are struggling to make ends meet.

Ms Ardern said since 1 July the government’s family package has been giving low-income families an extra $75 a week.

“That should be starting to make a difference… I’m really interested to see what difference they’re seeing between this year and last year,” Ms Ardern said. end quote.

Gosh, Jacinda. They can’t all afford nannies and Teslas. $75 per week has probably mostly gone on rent and increased fuel costs. You know – the extra fuel taxes that you said would only be the price of a ?cup of coffee?? quote.

City missioner Chris Farrelly said it was mostly mothers and grandmothers lining up for help.

This year, the Auckland City Mission has had an unprecedented increase in demand for food parcels and will double its Christmas efforts.

“We’ve identified very clearly that we have got a growth in food insecurity and food poverty in New Zealand,” Mr Farrelly said.

“It’s a serious issue. We knew this would be exacerbated over the Christmas period.”

He said having the distribution centres at Eden Park, Papakura Marae and Ng? Whare Waatea Marae in Mangere gave people a sense of privacy they did not have lining up in central Auckland.

Eden Park chief executive Nick Sautner was proud to open the stadium gates to the community. end quote.

There is nothing to be proud of here. People in New Zealand can’t afford the basics of life. Where is the pride in that?

17 months in, this government has done nothing but talk. It is doing nothing to improve the lives of those at the bottom of the heap – who vote Labour time and time again. Things are only getting harder and harder for those people.

This was the government that was going to ?bring kindness back?. I wonder, as you are standing in a queue at Eden Park, waiting for a food parcel to get you through Christmas, how kind you feel the government is being? Oh and don’t forget one more thing. The donations are entirely funded by hardworking taxpayers. That is where the true kindness comes from.