Titania McGrath unplugged


Titania McGrath

Titania McGrath is a parody account on twitter and she is bloody funny. She is a satirist extraordinaire who specialises in poking fun at Social Justice Worriers and Virtue signalers but some think of her as nothing more than a Twitter troll. She used to have a male persona but that account was closed down so she was reincarnated as Titania.

After surviving yet another close call with the Twitter Gestapo who temporarily unplugged her she wrote the following for Quillette?quote.

My name is Titania McGrath.?I am a radical intersectionalist poet committed to feminism, social justice, and armed peaceful protest. […] I was inspired by other activists who had made use of their online platforms in order to spread their message and explain to people why they are wrong about everything.

This week the powers-that-be at Twitter hit my account with a ?permanent suspension? (a semantic contradiction, but then I suppose bigots aren?t known for their grammatical prowess). This was the latest in a series of suspensions, all of which were imposed because I had been too woke. The final straw appeared to be a tweet in which I informed my followers that I would be attending a pro-Brexit march so that I could punch a few UKIP supporters in the name of tolerance.

Don?t get me wrong. I have always supported censorship. Major social media platforms have a responsibility to ensure that we are?expressing the correct sort of free speech. Twitter?s decision to suspend Alex Jones, host of American website?InfoWars, set the right kind of precedent. I fully supported this action because Jones is known for disseminating fake news and wild conspiracy theories. But the fact that I was also banned makes me think that Twitter were being secretly controlled by?InfoWars?from the very start.

Indeed, Twitter?s?modus operandi?appears to involve routinely silencing those who defend social justice and enabling those who spread hate. In my short time on the platform, I have regularly come across hate speech from the sort of unreconstructed bigots who believe that there are only two genders, or that Islam is not a race. […]

The permanent suspension only lasted for a day, but the experience was traumatic and lasting. I now understand how Nelson Mandela felt. […]

So?what are we to make of my ban? The only sensible conclusion is that Twitter is run by a coterie of crypto-fascists. Needless to say, this bodes ill for the social justice movement. Like it or not, the successors to humanitarians such as?Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi are now to be found on social media. One thinks immediately of Gary Lineker, Lily Allen, and that guy who played Mr Sulu on?Star Trek.

Unfortunately, those who fight for the progressive cause are continually bombarded by alt-right trolls who like to engage in a form of harassment known as ?debate.? Only a few days before my suspension, a misogynist referred to me as ?shrill and humourless.?? As I was quick to point out, humour is a patriarchal construct. This is why it has been so gratifying to see the success of our current wave of feminist comedians, those brave women who are subverting the genre by ensuring that it doesn?t make anyone laugh.

Do not pity me. As a woman in a heteronormative patriarchal world I am accustomed to males like Jack Dorsey attempting to keep me silent.[…] end quote

With real verified accounts belonging to conservatives and classic liberals being unplugged at an increasing rate?from social media, we may not be able to enjoy Titania’s words of wisdom for much longer. It is getting to the point now that Gab the free Speech alternative to Twitter is considering creating or buying a bank in order to be able to access a payment platform that is safe and that will not deplatform?websites that respect free speech or that have opinions that the left do not like.

I really hope that they do it because free speech is seriously under attack here in New Zealand. If you want to see just how bad it is I suggest you watch the below video. When all the New Zealand Free Speech news stories are cut together you realise that the water in the pot has been heating up for a while now and our Kiwi frog hasn’t even noticed.