Trotter bravely wades into the TERF wars

In an earlier post today I said that we had reached Peak Trans. For a left-wing view of the same subject, Chris Totter at the blog? Bowalley Road is well worth a read. He writes quote.

What does it say about the state of identity politics in New Zealand and around the world that if Germaine Greer, the Matriarch of Second Wave Feminism, announced she was intending to participate in the Auckland Pride Parade, then Labour’s Manurewa MP, Louisa Wall, would do everything in her power to exclude her? end quote.

Yes, it is a strange world?indeed in New Zealand where a Kiwi feminist like Renee Gerlich is ?disgusted? by fellow so-called feminists like Marama Davidson, Julie Anne Genter and Louisa Wall. Why is she disgusted? Perhaps it is because they want to exclude and smear feminists who believe that a woman is an adult human female.

Trotter continues quote.

Greer?s ?crime? is deceptively innocuous. She refuses to abandon her opinion that human-beings come into this world as either women or men, and that simply declaring oneself to be a man or a woman is insufficient from an evidentiary perspective. Greer believes that gender is a matter of straightforward human biology. That it cannot be an act of will ? or surgery.

When BBC Newsnight?s Kirsty Walk challenged her with the question: ?If a man has his gender reassigned and outwardly ? and he feels, inwardly ? he is a woman. In your view can he be a woman or not?? Greer responded, with typical Australian bluntness: ?No.? […]

That October 2015 interview contributed hugely to the steadily worsening ideological stand-off responsible for introducing the abbreviation ?TERF? ? Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist ? to the vocabulary of progressives around the world. Including, we now know, Louisa Wall, who was secretly recorded telling participants at a recent Pride Parade hui: ?My whole thing is that I don?t want any f…ing TERFs?at the Pride Parade!?

Wall?s position would appear to be that in the name of inclusion it is necessary to exclude the excluders. The Pride Parade, she says, must never be anything less than a celebration of the whole Rainbow Community. To challenge the right of trans individuals to define their own gender identity constitutes a hateful denial of their human rights. In Wall?s opinion it is vital that TERFs be prevented from disputing those rights. end quote.

That, of course, is why the identity politics divide exists. There is no tolerance for a different point of view. So-called TERFS are not interested in taking away Trans people’s human rights. That claim is a strawman argument created by Louisa Wall and others of her ilk. So-called?TERFs are simply trying to protect women’s rights.