UN migration pact protest this Saturday December 15th

Photo supplied to Whaleoil


Following last weekends successful event, the same organisers are hosting a demonstration outside the prime minister’s office in Mount Albert.

Time: 12 PM ? 4 PM

Place:? 658 New North Road, Morningside, ?Auckland

This weekend will feature people in hazmat suits and a large banner, alongside the yellow hi-vis vests to show solidarity with the French protesters.

The potential for hijinx and shenanigans is steadily climbing.

We would appreciate if you could promote our event.?

We look forward to seeing everyone? at Jacinda Ardern’s 0ffice in Morningside

This is Round two of the protest against the insidious migration pact.

The movement for the preservation of Free Speech NZ calls for a nationwide mobilisation of all groups and individuals who oppose the threat of our diminishing sovereignty.

Requested attire is a yellow hi-vis vest.