Uranus is real

Newshub?reports: quote.

There really are some unfortunate place names around the world, from Boring, Oregon to Ding Dong, Texas.

But nothing comes close to highly unfortunate place name of Uranus, Missouri.

You’d think if you lived in a place with such a name you’d shut up shop and leave, but not these locals. They’re cashing in on the name and turning Uranus into a destination in its own right.

The town made headlines last month when it got its first local newspaper, the Uranus Examiner.

And the tabloid isn’t the only business using the town’s name to gain attention.

The local confectionery store, the Fudge Factory, claims ‘the best fudge comes out of Uranus’.

The town sits on privately owned land, and its owner Louie Keen has declared himself to be the mayor.

Located on the renowned Route 66, the small town is a popular stop for people driving interstate. Karen Ferrantella and Tracey Pickford, two women in their 60s, couldn’t resist popping in when they saw the welcome sign.

They told?The Sun?newspaper they ended up buying a boot-load of merchandise from the gift shop. end quote.


I think I will give the place a miss in February. Perhaps it would be best to visit in the summer. Although, God only knows what they might do with strawberries then…?quote.

“We started laughing hysterically when we saw the road sign. We could not believe it was actually a place,” Ms Ferrantella said.

“They are obviously playing along with this idea and it is great. It is a brilliant marketing ploy.”

Mayor Keen says whenever people arrive, he thanks them for picking Uranus. end quote

He thanks them for picking Uranus? Wouldn’t it be better to say thanks for calling in to Uranus? Thanks for having a look at Uranus?

Thanks for dropping by Uranus but please don’t leave Uranus behind? Or even please don’t leave anything behind in Uranus?

Whatever else you can say about Uranus, it is obviously a star in its home state. And its residents must have a sense of humour.

But I think they could add a bit of variety.

Okay, Okay. These guys are really keen astronomers. Or something like that.

Anyway, it sounds like a great place to visit for a holiday. But just remember something. Next time someone tries to hand you your ass, just think about Uranus.