Weaponised Gibsmedat is coming for our elderly and disabled

Caption: Whoa! Thanks, Australian gubmint! Pic: RapidEye.

The hugely disproportionate scale of crime emanating from Victoria?s African community is, no matter how hotly ?community activists? try to deny it, a depressingly established fact. Official data shows that Africans are 30 times more likely to be convicted of assault than the rest of the community; 50 times more likely to commit motor vehicle crimes like carjacking, and an astonishing 85 times more likely to commit aggravated burglary. Worse, these figures are likely to be skewed low by Victoria Police?s policy of avoiding arrests.

There is another area of crime that the African is over-represented in, albeit one that is less spectacularly obvious than violent gangs robbing and terrorising innocent citizens. It is, however, entirely in keeping with the ?gibsmedat? mentality.

In 2017, the Australian government cracked down on fraudulent daycare centres: two thirds were run by African immigrants. ?Victoria was again the main centre?all but two [suspended centres] were run by directors from Somalia, Sudan or South Sudan, Ethiopia and Eritrea?.

Now they?re coming for the elderly and disabled, hands out for dat gummint munny. Quote:

Almost two-thirds of all family daycare operators who had their taxpayer subsidies cancelled for fraud and improper dealing in the past six months have come from the troubled vocational training sector and are now moving into the NDIS and aged-care sectors.

Company searches of all 45 family daycare services shut down between April and September reveal 16 also registered separate companies with the $22 billion National Disability Insurance Scheme ? one of them twice ? while another set up as a ?government-sanctioned provider of home care services in the aged-care system.

In 10 cases, the shuttered family daycare operators had previously run or are continuing to run registered training organisations, some of which were ?cancelled without consent? by authorities as far back as 2015 at the height of the VET FEE-HELP rorts, after which the commonwealth wrote off more than $2bn in missing money. End of quote.

The 2015 crackdown found that foreign students were being shockingly ripped off by phony ?training providers?, almost all of them from the same ethnic communities. Quote:

In one case, Ayan Abdi ? a woman prosecuted and fined $40,000 for making up medical qualifications for her Mimi Family Day Care Service ? is now the secretary of an NDIS company whose director, Sahra Hussein, had her family daycare company cancelled because she was ?not a fit and proper person?, according to the Victorian Department of Education.

There were also apparently no checks on people who had their training businesses cancelled by one arm of the federal government years ago, allowing them to subsequently become involved in family daycare.

Sharmarke Hassan was the ?director of the Golden Farah Training Institute, which had its registration cancelled ?without consent? in 2015, but her family daycare service Altona Meadows was not struck off taxpayer subsidies until May this year, more than three years later. End of quote.

When socialist governments start throwing out handfuls of cash, as Gillard did with the NDIS, the ?gibsmedat? brigade are quick to scrabble. Quote:

Mr Waldemariam said people would take any loophole the tax system allowed. ?This is massive money coming from the government. They should have control from day one,? he said.

?How much do they recover? Nothing. They?re spending billions of dollars in this childcare business.?

He said the NDIS was the same model with a lot of talk but limited understanding of regu?lations and oversight: ?They just give them an ABN ? every ?licence, no control in place.?

Mr Waldemariam said the field was mainly made up of first-generation migrants, especially from East and West Africa. End of quote.

They?re still trying on the old ?no speaka-da-English? routine, too. Quote:

The director of Nouh Family Day Care Pty Ltd, Safaa Hamieh, said?Ms Hamieh said she did not know what the department meant when it said she failed to pass on the childcare rebate to families. End of quote.