Whaleoil Christmas presents for politicians

Photoshopped image credit: Pixy with thanks to Cadae for the idea

Everyone deserves a Christmas present, even politicians so the team at Whaleoil have put on their thinking caps and come up with some thoughtful gifts for some of our favourite targets er politicians.

Our suggested gift for today is for Judith Collins.

Barbeque season is fast approaching and you never know when a bunch of your fellow National MP’s are going to drop by with an appetite?for something different.

The LARGE Whale Meat Company BBQ meat pack is the perfect gift as it includes popular?meats for the BBQ plus bacon for weekend breakfasts!

Prime mince (500g)
Rump steak (4x250g)
Sirloin steak (4x250g)
Minute steak, sirloin (5x100g)
Ham steaks (4x125g)
Chicken Satay kebabs, (20pcs)
Pork sausages, (500g)
Beef sausages, (500g)
Eye bacon (500g)