Whaleoil Cultural appropriation competition

The demonstrators were on their way to Dokkum, above, to protest against the inclusion of Zwart Piet in the town?s festival. Photograph: NurPhoto/Getty Images

It appears that the gloves are off and any tradition that has European or Western roots is up for either cultural appropriation or criticism and censorship.

The Kiwi Dutch in New Zealand are being chastised for wanting to enjoy their long tradition of a Black Pete character who gives out gifts to children, and now the European Santa Claus has been replaced with a Maui type character holding a giant fishhook!

Credit: Braden Fastier/Stuff

It is time to fight back with some cultural appropriation of our own.

Today’s suggested target for appropriation is the tradition of the Maori New Year also known as Matariki.

First off it needs a name change as the star cluster of Matariki clearly resembles the brand logo of Subaru. A Japanese theme is just the ticket.


Now that we have given you an example of how you can culturally appropriate another culture’s tradition, why not make your own suggestions for cultural appropriation below in the comments. The one with the most upticks is the winner.