Whaleoil poll: Do you think New Zealand should legalise cannabis?

Andrew Little with a fist full of dollars.
Photoshopped image credit: Boondecker

Justice Minister Andrew Little has announced that a referendum on the personal use of cannabis will be held at the next general election in 2020.

Last week the?government made it easier for people with terminal illnesses to get access to medicinal cannabis.?The referendum in 2020, however, is NOT about access to medicinal cannabis. It is about legalising the personal use of cannabis for adults.

We do not yet know what age limit the government will set for adults.

Is an adult 18 and above or is it 20+ or older?

The referendum will be binding.?A??bill will be drafted ahead of the referendum outlining how legalising cannabis will work stating what age people can purchase it and where they will be able to purchase it.

If the majority of New Zealanders vote for it, the bill will be passed into law.

A future government?could repeal the law as they can with any piece of legislation, however, laws?can be very hard to undo, especially if there is strong public support for them.

How will you vote in the referendum?

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