Whaleoil poll results

We asked our readers

Has Christ been removed from New Zealand’s celebration of Christmas?

58% responded that yes it has.

We asked our readers

Now that Stuff has made it clear that they are controlling the Climate change narrative & are censoring comments they deserve a new name.

What should it be?

32% chose Stuff and nonsense

We asked our readers

The UN migration pact will hand over NZ’s?control of its borders to the UN.

Should Jacinda Ardern sign it?

56% said no because a country should always maintain control of its own borders.

38% said no because it is the first step towards handing over our sovereignty and control to the United Nations.

We asked our readers

Which is worse for your health?

Tied in first place with 26% each the answers we got were…

Reading anti-meat and anti BBQ articles on Stuff

Changing your diet to reflect the latest MSM ‘research’