What alternatives are there for Conservative content providers in NZ?


It is getting ridiculous now. As was widely predicted by conservative and classic liberal websites the most popular payment providers have not stopped deplatforming and demonetising successful content providers who have conservative and classical liberal views.

They started their virtue-signalling business sabotage with the most ‘controversial’ people and sites knowing that most conservatives would be too cowardly to defend them for fear of the smear that they too were ‘ alt-right.’

First, they came for Alex Jones and I said nothing…

At the moment Patreon, Paypal and Stripe are not 100% safe to use if you are a conservative or classic liberal content provider. At any point, the financial?rug can be pulled out from under you because following the rules is no?longer enough. Sites are being banned without explanation or apology.

Patreon, the subscription content service that allows people to receive donations directly from their audience, has taken a surgical knife to some of its conservative clients who have been forced to migrate to?SubscribeStar.

SubscribeStar, unfortunately, were immediately put under pressure by the Payment provider they used which is Paypal and they caved to the pressure.

Fortunately,?Dave Rubin and Jordan Peterson are working on a solution.


Patreon started with Canadian journalist and activist Lauren Southern and then removed Milo Yiannopoulos? which prevented him from funding a “magnificent 2019 comeback.” They also banned Carl Benjamin AKA “Sargon of Akkad” and commentator James Allsup amongst others.

Being banned from your payment provider is very serious. Without access to Patreon, Sargon of Akkad will not be able to receive donations from his fans and he was reportedly earning “as much as $12,000 per month from the platform.” It is financial guerilla warfare.

Also, it is not just the banned content creators who are financially affected. As a result of the Patreon purge thousands of subscribers have left the platform who were also supporting other content providers who are still on Patreon so other content providers have taken a financial hit.

Paypal has banned the free speech site Gab (a Twitter alternative) as well as InfoWars?and British journalist and activist Tommy Robinson. They have also banned the Youtube alternative BitChute.

Stripe has started down the same path as Paypal and has also banned the free speech site Gab.

In times like these Conservative sites need a plan B, C and D.

Gab is already looking into creating its own bank so that it can process its own payments as even mainstream banks are now refusing to serve them! If they succeed, and I think that they will, conservative content providers are likely to flock to them as it will be the one place on the internet where they will feel safe from censorship and politically-motivated business decisions.

What alternatives are out there currently for New Zealand content providers?

1.Credit Card.

You will need a Merchant Account from a bank for online (card not present) transactions, and your bank will not always agree to this. You?ll also need a payment gateway provider and your website will need to be able to integrate with that provider.

The common Payment Gateways in New Zealand (excluding Paypal and Stripe) are

  • DPS Payment Express,
  • Flo2cash
  • Bambora
  • Cypercom
  • eWay


Cybercom?provides a complete service so you don?t need a separate relationship with a bank.


Flo2Cash enables merchants to receive their payments over a landline phone, internet or a mobile phone. All transactions are processed in real time.? Like Cypercom they?re able to offer a bundled service negating the need for a facility from a bank.

DPS ? Payment Express

DPS offers a range of services including merchant hosted and non-hosted options as well as a simple manual credit card processing facility.


Bambora?can handle real-time transactions, batch payments and recurring transactions.



2. Bank transfer.

Customers can pay you via their Internet Banking if you provide them with your bank details. This is a slow and time-consuming option particularly for monthly payments as these will need to be checked manually which is a nightmare if you have hundreds or thousands of subscribers.

Two options for New Zealand are POLi and Account 2 Account?through Payment Express which utilises the customer?s Internet Banking to enable them to make instant payments online.