Where?s the pride in the pride parade now?

All this bickering about whether the police should attend the pride parade in uniform has gone on far too long.? A sector of the rainbow community is angry and divisive and the public is tired of them bagging the cops, and the cops bending over backwards to please them.

The police are an embarrassment; they need to stop tripping over themselves in an attempt to appease these precious souls who absolutely refuse to be pleased. The police should get on with what we pay them to do, which is keeping the peace and catching criminals.? Anything else is a distraction and a waste of time and money.

Police at Wellington’s Pride Parade Photo: RNZ/ Reesh Lyon

Radio NZ reported: quote.

Hundreds of Auckland Pride Parade members have voted to keep its board, after it faced a vote of no confidence for?preventing uniformed police at next year’s event.? End of quote.

How can the rainbow community march in unison in a ?pride parade? when they are clearly divided on the subject of police participation?

The police are looking particularly stupid after bending over backwards to accommodate a few precious people who turned around and kicked them in the teeth. Quote.

Police Inspector Tracy Phillips, the senior district liaison officer for diversity, said the decision was taken because officers would not march if there were members of the community who did not feel safe.?

Uniformed officers first joined an Auckland Pride Parade in 2015.? End of quote.

Not safe? After three years of the police pandering to your ?diversity?, you still don’t trust them?

A faction of the LBGT community whined that police in uniform makes them feel threatened? After three years of the police endorsing diversity, this is ridiculous, and it’s even more ludicrous that the police took their complaints seriously.

In hindsight, why did the police bother to march at all?? It made them look obsequious and weak; they should be quit of these divas full of their own importance and demands.

The LBGT community are ordinary people just like the rest of us ? not special and not deserving of special treatment.? Those who are making a fuss should stop it because their bad behaviour reflects on the rest of the LBGT community.

The police should man up, embark on a PR campaign to repair the damage done by presenting themselves as stupid and weak, repaint their ?rainbow car? and go back to doing their jobs.

Rainbow police car

Sponsors have walked, the public is sick of hearing about it, you?ve had your moment in the limelight, now pack up your wigs, pink undies and impossibly high heels and go away.