Who teaches five year olds how to speak English?

Mangere Town Centre car park is packed with people and their vehicles this evening as they prepare to sleep in their cars in a show of solidarity

I have an elemental curiosity about the reasons why the government is attempting to force Te Reo on the general populace.


Perhaps someone could help me out here ?

I have it on various degrees of anecdotal evidence that 99.9% of 5-year-olds rock on up to their first day at primary school and pretty much the whole lot of them can speak English.

Now, I wonder who taught them?

Whoever did this wasn?t instructed to do it.

There was no letter from the ?Ministry of English? that arrived in the post on the day of your 0-year old’s birth.

They weren?t forced into doing it.

They weren’t compelled to do it.

They weren?t coerced or bribed into doing it.

They just did it for no apparent reason and they didn?t charge the taxpayer a cent.

Imagine that – a whole country of such diversity of ethnicity, of South Africans, of Samoans, of Indians, of Arabs and the British all getting up in the morning, from all parts of New Zealand, none of them in contact with each other, yet all working in tandem, all without any instruction from anyone, nor any involvement of government and not costing the taxpayer a cent.

And the product? Well, it is so astonishing that I am going to say it again ? pretty much all five-year-olds that rock on up to primary school on their first day of school can speak English.

Now, here?s another one of those strangest of strange things. English isn?t even an official language of New Zealand.

There are only two official languages, Maori and sign language so it continues to baffle me why all these people would teach their children a language that doesn?t even have any official standing in New Zealand.

Now here?s another odd thing. In 1984, $3 million of taxpayer money was spent on teaching Te Reo. By 2016 it was up to $260 million and now it is heading towards $600 million and you know what? There are less Maori speakers now than there were in 1984.

So now, here?s my point. Here we are in a country where people are sleeping in cars and in doorways and we spend 600 million on Te Reo. I’m no builder, but I reckon you could build a cheap house for about $250,000. For 600 million you could build 2,400 homes.

5 people in each home = 12,000 people housed ? EVERY BLOODY YEAR!

In what right and just society do we allow this insanity to prevail?


by Curly1952