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axilla (noun) – 1. The armpit.
2. A body part analogous to the armpit, such as the hollow under a bird’s wing.

Source : The Free Dictionary

Etymology : Axilla, the Latin word for ?armpit,? is a diminutive of ?la ?wing (of a bird or insect), fin (of a fish), armpit, flank (of an army).? ?la comes from an earlier, unrecorded ags-l? (axla in Latin orthography), one of the Latin reflexes of Proto-Indo-European ages-, aks- ?pivot, pivot point.? Another Proto-Indo-European derivative, aks-lo-s, becomes ahsulaz in Germanic, eaxl in Old English, and axle in English. A third derivative noun, aks-is, becomes Latin axis ?axle, axletree, chariot, wagon,? assis in Old Prussian (an extinct Baltic language), and o? in Polish. Axilla entered English in the 17th century.