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brio (noun) – Vigor; vivacity.

Source : The Free Dictionary

Etymology : The Italian noun brio comes from Spanish br?o ?energy, determination,? ultimately from Celtic br?gos ?strength? (compare Middle Welsh bri ?honour, dignity,? Old Irish br?g ?strength, power?). Celtic br?gos derives from Proto-Indo-European gwr?gos, a derivative of the very common and complicated Proto-Indo-European root gwer- ?heavy,? which has many variations, including gwer?-, gwer?u-, and gwer?-. From gwer?- and its variants, English has ?grave, gravid, gravity? from Latin; the prefixes baro- ?heavy? and bary- ?deep? from Greek; and guru from Sanskrit. From gwr?gos, the same source as Celtic br?gos, Germanic derives kr?gaz ?fight, strife,? German Krieg ?war.? Brio entered English in the 18th century.