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emblazon (verb) – 1. (a) To adorn (a surface) with a prominent marking, such as a logo or heraldic symbol.
(b) To inscribe (a prominent marking, such as a logo or heraldic symbol) on a surface.
2. To make resplendent with brilliant colours.
3. To make illustrious; celebrate.

Source : The Free Dictionary

Etymology : English speakers have been using the heraldic sense of emblazon since the late 16th century, and before that there was the verb blazon (“to describe heraldically”) and the noun blazon (“a heraldic coat of arms”), which descend from Anglo-French blason. Emblazon still refers to adorning something with an emblem of heraldry, but it is now more often used for adorning or publicizing something in any conspicuous way, whether with eye-catching decoration or colorful words of praise.