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librate (verb) – 1. to oscillate or waver
2. to hover or be balanced

Source : The Free Dictionary

Etymology : The verb librate comes from Latin l?br?tus, the past participle of l?br?re ?to balance, make level,? a derivative of the noun l?bra ?a balance, a pound (weight).? The further etymology of l?bra is difficult. It is related to Sicilian (Doric) Greek l??tra ?a silver coin, a pound (weight),? also a unit of volume, e.g., English litre (via French litre from Latin). Both l??tra and l?bra derive from Italic l?thr?. L?bra becomes lira in Italian, libra in Spanish and Portuguese, French livre (both coinage and weight). The abbreviation for l?bra (weight) is lb.; the symbol for l?bra (the coinage, i.e., the pound sterling) is ?. Librate entered English in the 17th century.