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necropolis (noun) – A cemetery, especially a large and elaborate one belonging to an ancient city.

Source : The Free Dictionary

Etymology : Necropolis, Greek for ?city of the dead, corpse city,? first appears in the works of the Greek historian and geographer Strabo (c 63 b.c.-c 21a.d.). It was originally the name of the cemetery district in Alexandria, Egypt (founded by Alexander the Great in 323 b.c.). Greek nekr?s means ?corpse? (its plural nekr?i means ?the dead?); its combining form necro- forms the first half of necromancy (divination through communication with the dead, one of the blackest of the black arts). Nekr?s comes from the Proto-Indo-European root nek- ?death,? with a variant nok- ?to kill.? From the same root Latin has the noun nex (stem nec-) ?murder, violent death? (as in internecine, whose original English meaning was ?deadly?). From the variant nok- Latin derives the verb noc?re ?to harm? (source of nocent and innocent) and the adjective noxius ?guilty, delinquent, harmful, injurious.? Greek p?lis ?city,” more properly “citadel, fortified high place,? is related to Sanskrit p??r, puram ?city,? as in Singapore ?Lion City,? ultimately from Sanskrit si?ha- ?lion? and p??r, puram. Necropolis entered English in the 19th century.