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pamphleteer (noun) – A writer of pamphlets or other short works taking a partisan stand on an issue.

(verb) – To write and publish pamphlets.

Source : The Free Dictionary

Etymology : Pamphlets?unbound printed publications with no covers or with paper covers?are published about all kinds of subjects, but our word pamphlet traces back to one particular document. It derives from the title of a short Latin love poem of the 12th century: Pamphilus, seu De Amore, which can be translated as “Pamphilus, or On Love.” The name Pamphilus referred to a Greek god whose name means “loved by all.” Following from this, the original pamphlets were handwritten poems, tracts, or treatises, often consisting of several pages bound together. Pamphleteer, which can be both a noun and a verb, combines pamphlet with the -eer suffix found in such words as engineer and puppeteer.