Would you let your child dance for money in a gay bar?

Caption: Nothing says “good parenting” like dressing your child like a demented clown-whore and seating them next to a convicted sadistic murderer and drug abuser, against a backdrop of a child skipping beside the word “Rohypnol”, a notorious rape drug.

What part of this doesn?t make any decent person?s stomach turn: a half-naked child performing a sexually provocative dance in a secretive sex-themed bar packed with men throwing money at the stage.

If this was a little girl performing at a ?men?s club?, the place would ? rightly ? be raided, shut down, and all the patrons charged and publicly shamed for their creepy antics.

But, it was a gay bar, featuring a ?celebrated? ?transgender? juvenile, in Hipster Central, Brooklyn. So, not just acceptable, but inspiring, apparently. Quote:

?Drag Kid? Desmond Is Amazing delivered a headlining performance at a sleazy Brooklyn gay bar on Dec. 1, where the ten-year-old boy danced on stage in a crop top and full face of makeup as a throng of adult men in the audience showered him in dollar bills.

The event, called Club Whoa! was hosted at Brooklyn gay bar 3 Dollar Bill and was promoted on social media. Desmond also celebrated the performance on his own Instagram page, which has 105,000 followers. Adults who wished to watch a half naked child dance in a bar could buy tickets on an Eventbright page.

Photos of the event show Desmond in a blond wig, makeup, and crop top collecting monetary tips from adult men in the audience, like a stripper, as other half naked adult drag queens, some in panties and fishnet stockings, stood on stage nearby. End of quote.

As I?ve written before, the left are mainstreaming paedophilia. Not slowly, and not secretively: this is happening with indecent haste and in full view. Drag queens ? who invariably present as grossly sexualised, pornographic caricatures of women ? are paraded in front of kindergarten children. Mainstream left media normalise and sympathise with ?virtuous paedophiles?. Activists append a ?p? for paedophile to the rainbow lobby?s intersectional alphabet soup.

Gavin McInnes has quoted a gay friend as lamenting that ?there is something very wrong with my culture?. Other gay men are wondering what the hell is going on, too. Quote:

A day after the performance, one reviewer on Yelp! wrote: ?I left after seeing a child dance on stage for money at nighttime. This was on Saturday night and I have been feeling disturbed ever since.?

Another reviewer said the club has a ?weird no cell phone policy.? End of quote.

The club explicitly states that all patrons will have their phones placed in a locked pouch, which staff will only open for them as they exit. What happens at the club stays at the club, in their own words. This is, of course, a reference to the old saying, ?What happens on tour, stays on tour?: the ?unwritten code? of not discussing outside a closed circle the exploits that circle gets up to away from the eyes of normal society. It?s a tacit admission that a group is indulging in behaviour that would bring shame and opprobrium, if it became more widely known.

So, what does a gay club headlining child drag queens putting on faux-strip acts have to hide?

But, if you thought the sleaze was done, hold on to your barf-bags. Quote:

Desmond Is Amazing, a Brooklyn native, has become a celebrity in the drag queen world and LGBT community, and a little darling of leftwing media and gay lobbying groups. His parents have come under harsh criticism for their questionable parenting style. He became famous after video of him dancing sexually in a gay pride parade went viral. Desmond appears to spend most his time with adult gay men and crossdressers, with the full support and encouragement of his parents.

Last December, the child even appeared on a YouTube show hosted by drag queen Michael Alig, who was just released from a 17 year prison sentence for killing and dismembering his drug dealer. Alig was the subject of the 2003 film Party Monster staring Macaulay Culkin. In that video, Desmond is seated directly beneath a piece of artwork with the word ?Rohypnol? is painted largely. Rohypnol, known as ?roofies,? is a date rape drug. End of quote.

Mind you, they?re not the first ?gay pride? family who were feted by a swooning left-wing media?