A Canadian’s view of Saint Cindy

Caption: Airhead meets bimbo. Which is which?

The insular world of the left-media elite, as Pauline Kael wryly observed, is such a rigid echo-chamber that its cozy inhabitants simply cannot imagine that anyone could possibly think differently than they do. Just as Kael joked that she didn?t know anyone who voted for Nixon, today?s elites firmly believe that their chosen, left-wing idols are similarly adored by all the world. So, Obama was beloved the world over, Julia Gillard was a universal feminist icon, and Jacinda Ardern is the world?s princess.

Sadly for the besotted elites, there?s always some curmudgeonly outsider prepared to prick the balloon of their conceit. Quote:

I am just back from a week in New Zealand where my family and I lived for eleven years?

My old university, down at the bottom of the South Island, flew me over to give a few lectures and talks. I refer to the wonderful university city of Dunedin, where they breed some pretty hardy souls. Well, outside the university itself?Sadly, more and more at Otago University, as with all universities these days, the preponderance of employees leans so far left politically that a conservative like me feels like an atheist alcoholic at a Salvation Army revivalist meeting ? though of course a difference is that those working at the Salvation Army actually achieve good works in amongst all the moralising. And the Salvos don?t virtue signal nearly as much as your average academic.

No doubt this goes some way to explaining how popular the new New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is amongst the universitariat. After all, this is a woman who has literally never had any job outside of politics?who said only last year that ?capitalism has failed New Zealanders?, indeed it?s been a ?blatant failure?. Obviously Ms Ardern attended the Emma Alberici school of economic analysis. End of quote.

James Allen is here referring to ABC Australia?s Chief Economics Correspondent, whose recent article on corporate taxation, which was more befitting of the Socialist Worker than the national broadcaster, was not just hopelessly biased, but riddled with factual errors.

But, back to St Cindy. Quote:

One wonders if she agrees with Jeremy Corbyn that it?s too early to judge if Venezuela is on the right track or not. The point is that this new government in New Zealand is uber politically correct and very, very left-wing?the NZ Labour government already looks like blowing out the budget, with spending going north and the deficit with it?that big spending/big taxing mindframe is reason number one for loving Jacinda as far as the left-leaning media over in NZ is concerned. End of quote.

Which, oddly enough, is exactly what happened here in Australia when Labor were last elected. Howard left behind a $34Bn surplus. Rudd turned that into a massive debt. The elites were ecstatic. Quote:

A second reason for the adoration it and the universitariat heap on Ms Ardern is her recent United Nations speech?[Trump] thinks we live in a dangerous Hobbesian world where defence spending matters, as do strong military capabilities, and as does the sovereignty of the nation state. The former thinks we live in a John Lennon song. End of quote.

Yet, for all the elite swooning, Ardern only barely scraped into power at all. Quote:

Here?s the most ironic aspect of the current political scene in New Zealand. Ardern and her Labour party got slaughtered in the last election in terms of the head-to-head popular vote count versus the right-of-centre National party. In fact, ?the Nats? almost got half the votes on their own. But they lost because New Zealand has one of the most virulently proportional voting systems on earth, a near-on dead ringer copy of the German system. So Labour combined with the Greens and a small grievance party led by an embittered ex-National man Winston Peters?And so, as is always the case, after the party whose only legacy is to keep the books in pretty good order goes, in come the big spenders to squash that legacy pronto. End of quote.

It must be borne in mind that Canadians are governed by vacuous political Ken Doll Justin Trudeau. So, they know a thing or to about useless leaders who are fawned over by the media elite. Quote:

I?m a native born Canadian and I?ve made a habit these past two decades or so of saying nowhere on earth is more PC than Canada. Now I don?t think that?s true anymore. End of quote.