A Rogues’ Gallery of ‘anti racists’

Caption: Police certainly seemed to know who were the dangerous extremists.

The mainstream media has long abandoned Wilbur F. Storey?s admonition to ?print the news and raise hell?. Also thrown out the Overton window are Kipling?s ?Six honest serving-men?: the plain facts of what, when, where, and so on. Today, mainstream journalists are inculcated by overwhelmingly leftist journalism academics with the Marxist principles that everything is about power and narrative. As a consequence, mainstream journalists have traded factual reporting for propaganda.

Nowhere is this more evident than in the mainstream reporting of the ?Reclaim St Kilda? rally in Melbourne recently.

As Whaleoil?s eyewitness interview showed, mainstream media reporting was so biased that it seemed to be reporting on an entirely different event. Without exception, mainstream reporting is slanted with biased weasel-words ? the rally was ?neo-Nazi? and ?far-right?, its opponents were ?anti-racists?, and hysterical claims of ?Nazi salutes? were either completely fabricated, or failed to mention that they were taunts from the ?anti-racists?.

The biased media dwelled obsessively on the past and characters of the two event organisers, Blair Cottrell and Neil Erikson. Now, Cottrell and Erikson undoubtedly have unsavoury incidents in their past, and may not be nice boys you?d take home to mother, but what should have mattered was what they said and did on that day. The media didn?t report a word they said.

On the other hand, the media lovingly praised the ?anti-racists?. But, as The Unshackled reports, if Cottrell and Erikson are not nice, many of their opponents are far, far worse. Quote:

The main counter protest was originally organised by Sue Munro, a woman with years of membership in fringe left wing extremist groups.

In 2014 Munro joined the Socialist Party, a Trotskyist extremist group then led by Councillor Stephen Jolly. She was involved as an organiser and spokeswoman for the Socialist Party front group ?No room for Racism? which helped co-ordinate the often violent attacks on the Reclaim Australia rallies in 2015-2016?

Ms Munro was present in a group harassing a pro- life event earlier last year in central Melbourne in the company of (and holding a sign for) the feminist-Marxist group the ?Freedom Socialist Party?. The FSP is led by prominent Marxist Debbie Brennan; a Communist so extreme that she visited Cuba in the eighties and came away convinced that the problem with the Castro regime was that it wasn?t Communist enough. Ms Brennan was also present at the ?anti-racist? rally on Saturday and was even interviewed by the Age who referred to her as an ?organiser? as well as a founder of the ?Campaign against racism and fascism? group with no reference to her almost four decades of Marxist activism.

Also quoted in that Age article is Anthony Kelly the Flemington and Kensington Legal Centre chief executive. Kelly and his group are notorious for having spent the last fifteen years suing Victoria police on behalf of African ?youths? thus helping to create the reticence in law enforcement in dealing with that community that has inflamed the current situation End of quote.

If the past criminal convictions of Cottrell and Erikson are newsworthy, then surely it is worth mentioning that prominent among the ?anti-racists? was a convicted rampage-killer? Quote:

?Convicted murderer David Hollis; a man who in the early nineties went on a violent deranged stabbing spree wounding six and killing one?was seen at the ?anti-racist? rally standing at Ms Munro?s shoulder?Also with them were the Marxist activist who led the violent attack on the buses outside the Stefan Molyneux and Lauren Southern event (Chris Di Pasquale), a Marxist known for creating an unsafe atmosphere for Jewish students on Monash university and being arrested for leading violent protests against Jewish owned chocolate shops (Vashti Kenway). End of quote.

Hollis claims to be too crippled to even go to job interviews. Amazingly, he manages to take up his bed and walk to violent left-wing protests.

Caption: Convicted murderer Hollis poses for a selfie with regular ABC presenter John Safran.

And, of course, there?s no show without Punch. Quote:

Prominent above the ?anti-racism? protest was a flag with the ?Antifa? logo. Antifa of course being a group described by the U.S Department of Homeland Security and the FBI as a perpetrator of ?domestic terror activity?? End of quote.

Caption: A group of white supremacists harass a terrified member of an ethnic minority.

Supporting the Reclaim rally was a small but significant contingent of Melbourne?s Vietnamese community. Obviously, the presence of Asians is a body-blow for the ?White Supremacist? narrative, so the mainstream media countered by trumpeting ?Vietnamese community spokesperson? Celia Tran. What they neglected to mention is that Ms Tran works for Victorian premier Daniel Andrews.

Caption: Just an unbiased community activist.