An update from a reader

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I too am dismayed by the hate for Cam from the left.? But I also know?from my own experience that Whale Oilers will stay supportive and caring?
for Cam for as long as it takes.

So how can I be so certain?  Because of the way you all looked after me 
over the last year, and some still are. Your ongoing care of me has made 
a huge difference to my ability to cope with each and every day.

So an update.

I was in and out of hospital at least once a month all year, and in?
November I had three hospital stays and a total of seventeen days in?
hospital.? Just about a record in these years when they toss you out?
whenever they can!

And of course when you get to an age in the mid seventies every day in?
bed reduces one’s ability to recover one’s strength.

I also sold my house as I couldnt look after it in a way it deserved, or 
indeed manage the steep street and drive.

So a difficult year, but made easier by your caring support that in many 
cases has gone on month after month. Your care has made it possible for 
me to remain positive and to feel valued and not just an old lady 
hanging round waiting to die.

So I know the community will continue to support Cam and SB for as long 
as it takes, and afterwards.  Their life has been changed for ever. Let 
our practical support make the new change something of value to them, 
not a disaster area left by a bomb.

Thanks all of you