And one site to rule them all

As anyone who has had any interaction with computer technology in the last few years knows, the most popular website in the world is Google. Google has the most clicks, the most traffic, the most visitors, the most however-you-like-to-measure-it.

For many years the way to measure a website’s world ranking has been to use Alexa. The lower the Alexa rank score the busier and more popular is the site. The Alexa rank for Google is, therefore 1. The BBC website rank is 98, for example.

Idle curiosity allows you to check the ranking of any website you like.

So how does TVNZ compare with the BBC, say? The site has a ranking of 17,147 which puts it at number 39 in the New Zealand popularity list. On a world ranking basis that is not too shabby.

I read somewhere that if a site’s Alexa number is lower than 500,000, it has some influence. If it is lower than 200,000, it is a player. The coveted ranking is a number lower than 100,000. Any site lower than 25,000 is major. 

What about other news sites here?

  • world rank = 3,144 NZ = 8
  • world rank = 4,583 NZ = 10
  • world rank = 17,147 NZ = 39
  • world rank = 21,962 NZ = 76
  • world rank = 28,427 NZ = 79
  • world rank = 150,651 NZ = 612
  • world rank = 526,194 NZ = 5,820

Okay, what about political blogs? They are not going to do better than a news outlet are they?

  • world rank = 64,897 NZ = 268
  • world rank = 194,646 NZ = 425
  • world rank = 449,128 NZ = 1,233
  • world rank = 766,119 NZ = 2,649

Well yes, interestingly, some do.

So where does the ‘irrelevant, right-wing, hate-speech etc. etc.’ blog fit into all this?

My word! In a league of its own, leaving all the other political blogs in the dust and nipping at the heels of Newshub and RadioNZ.

Is that because Whaleoil has the most balanced gender readership of any political blog in New Zealand? Is it because Whaleoil has the best moderation and most respectful and friendly commenting section? What do you think?

Let us know in the comments.

All figures as at 14 Jan 2019.