Andrew should stop snivelling and man up

Andrew Little

Justice minister Andrew Little apologised to the United Nations Human Rights Council this week for New Zealand governmental failings. He’d better man up to prepare for the blowback he will receive back home after waving our dirty laundry around in public and hanging his head in shame.

Little appears to have forgotten his 2017 attempts to bring Willie Jackson into the Labour fold which were met with caucus resistance and where their response was to air Jackson?s dirty laundry in public. Little told them to desist and keep their concerns in-house. He really should have taken his own advice this time around. Quote.

National?s Justice spokesman Mark Mitchell said Little?s speech ?talked-down” the nation and saying it was still suffering the effects of colonization, was ?ridiculous?.

?..Mitchell likened Little’s speech to ex-Labour leader Cunliffe’s 2014 apology for being a man, where he pledged to invest $60 million to tackle domestic violence.?

  Stuff end quote.

Mitchell?s assessment of Little?s apology as a precursor to a government strategy of chucking money at the problem is not surprising.  Quote.

“It’s fair to say that our justice system is broken.

New Zealand’s incarceration rate was one of the highest in the world and had risen in recent years, Little said.? End of quote.

Does Little want to reduce incarceration rates simply to impress the United Nations Human Rights Council? Setting more criminals loose and sending some home with ankle bracelets does not address the behavioural issues that motivated them in the first place. And as for blaming colonisation…

Incarceration is about protecting the public. Little forgets about the victims of violence, sexual abuse and paedophilia whose anxiety is heightened when offenders are released.  He forgets about the innocents to be targeted by repeat offenders. Quote.

Little also pointed to statistics showing one third of women in New Zealand would experience emotional or sexual violence in their lifetime as evidence the country was “failing New Zealand women”. End of quote.

This is simply more man bashing, which is not helpful. Our criminal statistics make for grim reading, so what is Little?s strategy, given that he aims to impress the UN Human Rights Council review committee who want to see an improvement on our last review in 2014? Quote.

Three years later Little alluded to a “significant political change” since that time and spoke of his government’s wellbeing budget along with other flagship policies.? End of quote.

Okay. He can?t argue an improvement, so he argues a change of government and a new policy. This new policy is the government?s wellbeing budget that Ardern also referred to in her address to the United Nations. Details will be unveiled to us, the major stakeholders, this May by Grant Robertson. Yippee! It will undoubtedly cost a lot more than Cunliffe?s $60 million allocated in 2014 to stop domestic violence. Quote.

He [Little] said New Zealand aimed to prevent cross-generational cycles of sexual violence.

While Greece?praised New Zealand’s “remarkable” achievements in human rights and equality others criticised New Zealand on a number of issues including indigenous rights and prisoner rehabilitation.? E

Are they implying a link between indigenous rights and prisoner rehabilitation? Golly gosh, who would have thunk?

The United Nations ‘troika’ to review our human rights are Brazil, Slovenia and Saudi Arabia. To my mind the Saudis? appalling human rights record negates any of their criticisms of New Zealand.? ?What an expensive farce we have bought into.